Gallagher Girl Series


Author: Ally Carter

Genre: Adventure/Teen Romance

Age: Upper Elementary, Middle School


I became a Gallagher Girl during High School (Was it 2008 or 2009?). I had no idea the adventure that was ahead. In a way, I grew up with Cammie and the girls, much in the way our generation grew up with Harry Potter or Andy from Toy Story.

In the first book, I’d Tell You I Love You, But then I’d Have To Kill You, the girls are worried about a boy, just like any other freshman girl. Yes, Cammie is a spy, but she is very relatable to every girl. Every girl has an inner Cammie, who at some time in life felt invisible. Every girl has once, just did not AT ALL understand boys. The girls at Gallagher Academy go through this mystery and use their spy skills to unravel the mystery of boys.

By book two, Cammie becomes more advanced in her spy training and a new boy enters the plot (Zach Goode *sigh*). We also see Ally Carter’s writing style improve and mature. This I, personally, found interesting. Ally and the Gallagher Girls are growing together! The series takes on amore mature and intense tone. This continues to happen through out the series. Each book takes the girls on more dangerous and increasingly more personal adventures. Just as a girl makes decisions about college and leaves the school girl worries of boys (somewhat) behind, Cammie must do the same. (However, in Cammie’s case it is not College decisions–just how to beat a secret society).

The sad part is that the series is coming to a close. This makes me feel sad and old. I’m a Junior in College now and will miss the adventures with the Gallagher Girls. I have watched them grow into skilled spies and take on many dangerous missions. On the other hand, I have also watched Ally Carter become a very talented author, growing with each new release. I’m thrilled to see what other stories she has waiting in store for us.

– Liz (aka Rachel)