Review: A Girl Named Digit

Author: Annabel Monaghan

Genre: Adventure/Teen Romance

Age: Young Adult

Digit is super smart—her brain automatically processes things into patterns without even trying. However, she has to work hard to conceal that she’s a genius from everyone at school, because who wants to be known as the geek? When she figures out how a terrorist group is encoding messages, she’s pulled into the world of covert operations as she fakes her own death, chases after the bad guys, and tries not to fall for John, the super hot FBI agent whose job is to keep her safe.

Digit and John work together to stay safe and stay one step ahead of the bad guys. They bond over reading the encrypted conversations between terrorists and realize they have more in common than they think. She’s only 17… but will soon be 18 (which she keeps reminding John), so there’s that whole forbidden love thing. Their relationship is a fun one, or at least as fun as it can be while trying to not get killed.

I read a lot of spy books. A lot. But one thing this book has that most don’t is a focus on codes. Digit has to explain to those around her how she cracks a code (we can’t all be geniuses, now), and it’s fascinating to learn about. I do wish there had been a bit more emphasis on code cracking though, because you never know when it will come in handy to know the Fibonacci series.

Overall, this was a cute, fun, quick read sure to be enjoyed by those who like romance and taking down the bad guys.