Review: Matched

ImageAuthor: Ally Condie

Genre: Teen Sci-Fi / Dystopian Romance

Age: Young Adult

Cassia lives in a dystopian society ruled by a toleration government. The “society” choses your spouse, when you should have kids, when you die, what you eat, and what you do. These decisions are made under the pretense of making life easy and peaceful. Cassia goes to be matched at the banquet on her 17th birthday, and her match is her best-friend, Xander, who lives down the street. Knowing your matched is unusual. When she gets home to read her micro-chip, she watches Xander’s face flash and disappear. Then another boy face shows up. One she knows as well – Ky. Then his face disappears as well. Who will she end up with and who will the society choose? Will she and the society agree?

When Ky’s face flashed across the port screen in Cassia’s house, it really disturbs her. An Officer reassure’s her that Xander is her matched, Ky isn’t allowed to be matched. He is an Aberration. His father had committed an infraction. Her grandfather, who always seemed to follow the rules reminds her, “It’s ok to wonder.” Before grandfather dies, he slips her an old piece of paper with a poem. This could be an infraction – The poem is not one of the hundred poems chosen to be kept by the society.The society has chosen a hundred poems, a hundred songs, and a hundred paintings. Society had become to cluttered. She had to keep this poem secret – it didn’t’ speak of peace as the other poems. Then she wonders about Ky. He ends up being her partner for a hiking activity, and he teaches her to write. No one writes anymore – they type. Ky tells her stories about his past. Cassia soon realizes that the society isn’t perfect and you can make a choice. Cassia learns the power of stories and writing. She learns to “Do not go gentle into that goodnight.”

Bottom Line: GREAT book!! Makes you think about the power of the written word. Also, I will being writing in cursive more often because of this book. If you are looking for a fast paced book that you can’t put down – this is the book for you.

-Liz (aka Rachel)