Review: Timeless

Timeless Alexandra Monir

Author: Alexandra Monir

Genre: Teen Romance, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction (only in the since that there’s time travel)

Age: Young Adult

After a terrible tragedy, Michele finds herself moving to New York to live with her rich grandparents she’s never met. While there, she learns that she is a time traveler and uses her abilities to travel to 100 years in the past. Whilst in the Gilded Age of New York, she meets the boy of her dreams—literally. She’s dreamed about Philip her whole life, but falling in love with someone who lives in the early 1900s makes things tough on a relationship. Plus, being from the future means that she knows his terrible fate. Michele must save the boy she loves as she and Philip try to overcome Time.

I grabbed this book (and a lot of others) before heading off on a trip. Thank the Lord for ebooks and libraries that let you borrow them! I hadn’t read the synopsis in a while, but knew it was on my to-read list. To my delight, I was heading to the same place that the book is set—New York City. Whilst there, I was able see the landmarks Michele talked about (at least those in the present time), and I convinced my mom to take me to some of the places mentioned in the book. But, oh, how this book made me wish I could have seen the city 100 years ago! As exciting as Times Square is, how amazing would it be to see it without the millions of billboards?

That was one of my favorite things about this book—learning about actual places in the city, both present and past. The city plays such an important part in this book as Michele explores both present and past New York City. Monir really did her research about the Gilded Age of New York and beautifully describes the city as it once was.

Aside from a case of insta-love on his behalf (it’s understandable on hers, as I too would probably immediately fall for the hot guy who’s been starring in my dreams my whole life), I like the relationship between Michele and Philip. As she pops in and out of time, she sees Philip at different ages and must keep track of what is happening in his life at that time. I wanted so badly to see how Monir was going to get these two together when they are from different eras, and she left me longing for more.

I rate this 4 out of 5 stars. I immediately borrowed the second book and stayed up to read it. Read my review of Timekeeper here!