Review: The Selection


Author: Kiera Cass

Genre: Dystopian, Romance

Age: Young Adult

America has been chosen as one of The Selection—a group of 35 girls who will compete for the prince’s heart and the queen’s crown in front of the entire country. Her heart has recently been broken by her first love, Aspen, and she still can’t quite get over him. She’s not really in it to win it, as Prince Maxon can’t compare to Aspen. Or is there more to the prince than the boring royal she’s seen on T.V.?

The first time I read the Selection, I thought it was great. So great that I read it again the next week. It’s rare that I like a book that much to read it again back to back, but I find myself being drawn to it again and again.

The world in which it’s set reminds me a lot of the Hunger Games—citizens are divided into castes (instead of districts) which determine their careers and ultimately their place in society. Royals are Ones. America and her family of singers/artists are Fives. She has seen the worst side of the Castes system—she knows what it’s like to be hungry and how it hurts to see the ones you love suffering. This is why I love America—she doesn’t forget where she comes from. Sure, she’s traipsing about the palace in gorgeous gowns eating exquisite foods she’s never even seen before, but she also treats her maids as equals as opposed to servants.

Okay, I’ve held off long enough—can we talk boys now? Specifically about the prince, since I’m Team Maxon. He’s sweet and awkward and funny whereas Aspen seems to be more smooth. And while there is nothing–absolutely nothing–wrong with a smooth guy (Zach Goode and W.W. Hale V, anyone?), I do sometimes like the awkward ones (think Preston Winters). Maxon has no idea how to act around girls, so America throws him for a huge loop with her strong personality. America and Maxon have such different personalities—he’s all sweet and caring and doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings while she has no problem yelling at him the first time they meet.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and getting to watch the way relationships develop between the characters. I was also excited that there was a twist near the end that I was NOT expecting, but it was absolutely perfect and made me eager to read the next book.

5 out of 5 stars!


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