Review: Splintered

SplinteredAuthor: A.G. Howard

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Adventure

Age: Young Adult

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I’m not sure what I was expecting when I started Splintered, but it far surpassed any expectations I may have had. The world-building is fantastic, the characters are unique, and the ending is… wow.

The Wonderland that Howard creates is nothing like the one you’ve read about in Alice in Wonderland. You see, Alice was very young when these things happened to her and she did her best to describe them once she got back to the human world. But Wonderland is actually a dark place, and the characters Alice ran into weren’t exactly as she described them, and now Alyssa is figuring just how wrong Carroll’s story is.

Splintered is filled with gorgeous and unexpected twists that kept me wanting more. Crazy things are continuously happening, and new characters continue to make appearances until the end. The unbelievable situations that Alyssa finds herself in are sometimes scary and life-threatening, but ultimately entertaining as she must figure out how to surpass each obstacle in order to remove the curse off her family and get back to the real world.

The ending wrapped up nicely (i.e. not cliffhanger-y), but I was still left wanting the sequel NOW. I want to experience Wonderland with Alyssa again, and see how things go with the boys in her life.

Speaking of boys… there are two in her life, and my favorite is the non-human one. Morpheus is a dark creature of Wonderland, with an affinity for bugs (specifically moths) and hats. He has his own flair and quirks that made me love him, despite the fact that he’s also quite deceiving. The other boy in her life is Jeb, her best friend that she’s known forever, who’s always watching out for her. Jeb is an awesome guy—he’s sweet and loyal and would do anything for Alyssa—but, well, Morpheus has wings.

I’d recommend this book for anyone who loves unique story retellings and for fans of Julie Kagawa’s The Iron Fey series.

Five out of five stars.

Content Advisory:
Cursing: 2
Sexual: 3 (some innuendos throughout; talks about virginity)
Other: Alyssa eats some Wonderland food that affects her in a similar way as alcohol, and she acts in non-Alyssa ways.


2 thoughts on “Review: Splintered

  1. So here I was all ready for a somewhat-negative review, based on the synopsis and the few pages I’ve flipped through at my bookshop, but instead: five stars! This is surprising and exciting. The sequel looks pretty interesting too (that cover!). Might have to try these books, now, even though they’re a far cry from the Wonderland I used to imagine when I read Carroll’s books.

    • I have to say, I truly enjoyed this book. Though I’ll be honest, I’ve never read Alice in Wonderland, so I don’t know how that affects my view of things. I recently read the sequel, UNHINGED, and gave it 4 stars. Howard does a beautiful job of creating her version of Wonderland, and the characters are well-developed. I’d at least recommend giving this series a try! (At least get to the part where she’s in Wonderland–that’s when things get good.)

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