Swap From The Swamp: Pop to Literary

It’s our monthly blog swap with Xander!

Earlier this month I (Rachel) was watching a YouTube video by DNews discussing how reading fiction can make you smarter. In the video they said reading Literary Fiction instead of Pop fiction can also help a person become more empathetic.

I began to wonder…where is the line between “Pop” and “Literary”? What books that are considered Pop today will become tomorrow’s Literary Classics? I guess only time will tell.

Here are Xander’s Picks! (Don’t forget to visit his blog to see what we chose!)

The False Prince

Orphans are taken and trained to impersonate a lost prince. The setting and characters are very interesting, and the concept is very unique!

Hokey Pokey

This novel makes you think and had a meaning behind the weird story. It is written in a different way, and is quirky and fun to read.

When You Reach Me

This book was moving and heartwarming. I completely loved this book, and it will stand the test of time.

The Hunger Games

This is a dystopian that you probably have already read, and it has strong characters who drive the plot. It goes into depth about humanity.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

This book has incredible main characters, setting, and illustrations. A very lovely story, and a classic in the making.


This dystopian novel has a lot of depth, and the characters drive the plot, some having more emotions and others having less, and the conflict that that generates. There is also the concept of people coming back to life and all of the issues surrounding it.

Visit my blog by clicking on the picture to see what The Girls in Plaid choose!


 Click HERE to see what books we chose!


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