Review: BOMB

Review and Content Advisory for Bomb by Steve Sheinkin

Author: Steve Sheinkin

Genre: Informational Nonfiction

Age: YA

Awards: YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction (2013) Newbery Honor (2013)

Synopsis: Here is the one from Goodreads.

Rachel’s Rambles:

This past summer, I saw ‘Fat Man’ and ‘Little Boy’. (Ok, so replicas…you know what I mean.) When I saw this book, I figured it was a worth a shot to fill up my mandatory non-fiction reads for YA libs. So glad I did!

I found myself laughing, holding my breath, biting my cuticles from anticipation, and my jaw dropping from shock. Its packed full with crazy scientist, spies, and lots of government secrets.

If you like spy stories…read this. You will have to remind yourself that these adventures are not just part of an action novel—they really happened.

Once again, I found a nonfiction book that was a thrill to read. Fast paced and thrilling. I want to buy it and add it to my shelf.

5 out 5 stars for sure!!

Content Advisory:
Mild cussing, Bombs, and other war stuff.


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