Review: Sapphire Blue

Review and Content advisory for Sapphire Blue by Kerstin GierAuthor: Kerstin Gier

Age: Young Adult

Genre: Science Fiction, Romance, Time Travel

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This is the second book in The Ruby Red Trilogy. Read our review for the first book, Ruby Red, here. (And note that the following review might include spoilers for Ruby Red.)

Sapphire Blue picks up where Ruby Red left off, right smack dab in the middle of a kiss. And then we meet Xemerius, the most interesting and funny character in the entire series. Xemerius is the ghost of a demon, but from the way he’s described, he looks kind of like a mix between a cat and those gargoyles from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He kept me laughing throughout the entirety of the book, and I wish so badly that he had been introduced in Ruby Red because I NEED MORE XEMERIUS.

In Sapphire Blue, Gideon starts being distant. And very unlikable. Besides the whole “hot bad boy” thing, I couldn’t understand why Gwen still liked him. He was oftentimes rude to her, but despite how much she tried to make herself like him less, nothing worked. I suppose this could be very realistic indeed—we can’t choose who we like, only who we love.

But that’s part of the problem for me. She’s known this guy for like, a week, and all of a sudden she’s in love with him? Sigh… The majority of this problem could have been solved for me had the Love word not been involved. Had Gwen been resolved to only liking Gideon, I would have had more respect for the relationship.

Another problem I had that was also in the first book, though I didn’t actually note it until Sapphire Blue, is that some of the secondary characters (well, really more tertiary) are really cookie cutter. I’m specifically talking about the kids at Gwenyth’s school, Cynthia and Gordon. They don’t seem to be very developed, and they might as well not even be there for as little as they contribute to the actual plot, but they continue to make appearances.

However, most of the secondary characters are truly interesting and really make the book/series enjoyable. We meet some new characters in this book who end up playing some important parts in the future. And, um, past, I guess, because time travel.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book (despite my complaints), and I didn’t feel like it fell into the sophomore slump like many 2nd books in a trilogy tend to do. Just like Ruby Red, this one ends abruptly, so make sure you have Emerald Green for when you finish!

Sapphire Blue gets four out of five stars!

Content Advisory:
Sexual: 3
basic kissing; a conversation in which sex, condoms, and “the pill” are mentioned; a man gets a bit handsy during one of the trips in the past
Language: 4
Uses of h, d, and s
She says she was smoking to hide the fact that she was meeting someone in the past that she wasn’t supposed to meet with (who was smoking around her); She drinks spiked punch at a party in the past. Side effects include karaoke.

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