Dark Days Tour Recap

Rachel and I had a blast on Tuesday at the Epic Reads’ Dark Days tour featuring Kiera Cass, Kelley Armstrong, Kimberly Derting, and Danielle Paige. We drove three hours one way in order to attend the event, and it was totally worth it.

We were especially excited because it was the release day for The One! They had a local bookstore selling books and… they ran out. Rachel was lucky enough to get the last copies of The One for us. They brought over a few more and sold all of those too. I hope everyone who was there was able to get a copy!

The Irving Library hosted a fantastic event. The decor was perfection with red and pink lights and pom poms lining the walls and ceilings of the auditorium. There was a super cute dessert table (unfortunately I didn’t get a photo) and the cupcakes had mini edible book covers on them! By the time I made it to the table, the cupcakes were gone, but I managed to get a creeper pic of Kiera’s cupcake. (I meant to ask if I could take one and forgot.)

One of our favorite parts about events is getting to meet fellow bloggers and readers! We got to meet Matt and his friend Bex (we Gallagher Girls love her name), and I ran into Alex as she was leaving. We also met some awesome fellow Selectioners (I’m trying to make this a thing) while we were waiting in line, and they were wearing cute tiara rings in honor of The One.


The panels were fun (panels are always fun), and poor Kiera had to be super careful to not spoil, but she hinted at some unexpected friendships to come in The One. When asked how she felt about her series, she said, “I’m stupid in love with this book.” And of course everyone awed when she confessed both boys were based off her husband!


The signing line for Kiera was the longest (not surprising, as it was her book birthday), so we were able to zip through meeting the other authors (we didn’t have any of their books to get signed) and talk to them and get some bookmarks, and Rachel had them sign her Kindle cover and a tote bag.


We finally got to meet Kiera, who was in high spirits and super excited. We told her that we were finally getting to check “own an entire signed series” off our bucket lists, and she gave us high fives.DSC_0649 - Version 2 DSC_0670

We posed with our tiaras and complete trilogies in the parking lot, then headed back home as we sang songs from Frozen. (In case you don’t follow us on Twitter—which you should—Rachel likes to sing the Frozen songs in Dutch. Sort of…)

selection books

Plaid style! We’re always easy to spot at book events.

plaid styleA huge thanks to Epic Reads and Irving Public Library for such a successful event! We definitely see some books being added to our TBR list (like Taking)



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