Review: Next Generation Leadership

Review of Next Generation Leader by Andy StanleyAuthor: Andy Stanley

Genre: Insiprational

Age: YA and up (Any Leader)

Read Goodread’s Synopsis here!

Rachel’s Rambles:

This books was given to me by my Aunt Teri when I graduated High School. I gave my sister a copy when she graduated High School. My personal copy is underlined, highlighted, and filled with sticky notes. It really speaks to me.

So when asked to give devotion during SALT training this year, I found a topic, then I went to go see what this book had to say on the topic. Same thing happened the previous year. It is that good.

If you find yourself being drawn into a leadership position—whether that position is at church or work—I earnestly urge you to read this book. Here are some snippets that I used this year:

” Careful is cerebral; Fearful is emotional.

Careful is  fueled by information; fearful is fueled by imagination.

Careful calculates risk; fearful avoids risk.

Careful wants to achieve success; fearful wants to avoid failure.

Careful is concerned about progress; fearful is concerned about protection. “

It’s a book that a not only suggest you reading – I suggest you actively read it with a highlighter, put it down, and reread it in a year.

Also, check out his book Visioneering. I just discovered he has a podcast, so I’ll be checking that out as well.

This post is dedicated to the Louisiana SALT team. If one of you find yourselves reading this post, I love and believe in y’all. Read and apply this book along with the Bible. I can’t wait to see where God takes us. The future generations are relying on us. 


JB and I taught an Altar Working class and each gave a devotion: Inadequacy, Altar Working


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