Review: The One

Review and Content Advisory for The One (Selection Series #3) by Kiera Cass

Author: Kiera Cass

Age: YA

Genre: Dystopian/Romance

Synopsis here at Goodreads

This book was a fantastic wrap up to The Selection series. I was dying to know how the series would end and was pleasantly surprised. With that said, if you have not read this book you should! Kiera Cass closed up the story well by answering several of our questions as far as the political state and giving a satisfying outcome to the love triangle.

The reason we are posting this review as part of our July 4th celebration is because it a wonderful series that embodies the American spirit. Why you ask? Here are a few reasons:

1) Stack up the book in the series. What colors are they (and the dresses) ? Red, White and Blue!


2) The heroine’s name is America!

3) The series stresses the importance of looking back as well as looking forward.

The camps we’ve been talking about for the past few weeks are still going on. This week is the family camp meeting and a very special week—the 1ooth anniversary. We have spent much time discussing our heritage and listening to stories of the trail blazers in our organization. This all being said, we can not build a proper future without remember our history. On the other hand, we must not dwell in the past, but instead must keep striving towards the future.

These books remind the readers of this. Words and stories (and stories of your heritage) have power.





4) Rebellion. The United States of America is very familiar with rebelling against an idea that the people do not agree with.



5) Celebration. We as Americans love to celebrate, as do the characters in the books. And there’s nothing we love more than celebrating our freedom. Hot dogs and fireworks, anyone?


Content Advisory:
language: 3
Around 15 uses of h, d, b, and a
sexual: 3
Clothes come off. No sex, but it’s obviously implied that they want to. Also, a guy stays overnight.
violence: 4
People die not-very-nice deaths


2 thoughts on “Review: The One

  1. Glad to know y’all liked how this one ended! I’ve been waiting on reviews of this one before moving on to The Elite and then, of course, The One.

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