Content Advisory: Speechless

Content Advisory and Review for Speechless by Hannah Harrington

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By Hannah Harrington

Summary from Goodreads

Confession:  I was instantly drawn to this book because of its pretty cover.  You may not can tell from the picture but this cover isn’t just shiny, it’s iridescent.  That’s not just an “interesting” kind of attractive, it’s a full on “gravitational” pull.  It could have been full of blank pages or written in Farsi and I would have taken it home clutched to my chest.  Unfortunately, I would have enjoyed the blank pages and Farsi version better than I did the real story.

Note: While this book left a sour taste in my head, there are great things about it.  Harrington is a very talented writer and I am not disputing that fact.  If you go to the Goodreads summary (link above) and read the comments/reviews you can find many good things that people are saying.  This post is a content advisory, meaning just that; letting you know about the “stuff” that is all mixed up in the story.  That being said, this is a well written and well constructed book that I did not enjoy reading.

Heads up: within the first chapter are multiple instances of swearing and underage alcohol use.  The main character Chelsea attends the NYE party of the Best Friend, having told her mother she is babysitting.  At the party, in search of a bathroom to barf in, she finds two boys in one of the bedrooms.  By the second chapter one of those boys is in the ICU from a bully beating after she makes a very drunken announcement.  Back at school she finds herself the target of more bullying, and without her best/only friend.  In the third chapter she takes a sort of vow of silence as an exercise in self-control and thinking before speaking.  This is an obvious connection to the title, but a less obvious one is that make several appearances in the story is concept of being “speechless”, of being in a situation and have no idea what to do, or say, next, of having no direction.

Through what I read of the story (I skipped over quite a bit) Harrington weaves some very intricate characters and places them in relatable developmental situations.  Chelsea forms new friendships and begins to process of rebuilding her self-worth.  On a basic level the story is positive, with good lessons at heart.  Unfortunately it is populated with foul language, disrespect, and negative attitudes, making it very unpleasant to read.

Content Advisory:

Language: 4
I lost count in the first chapter.
Sexual: 3
No sex happens on the page, but it comes up several times
Violence: 2.5
Some physical relationship abuse and lots of verbal.


P.S.  This book was a ARC curtsey of Gretchen over at Little Joe’s Books & Coffee Shop in Katonah, NY.   I received it in November of last year, but it got lost in the shuffle and I’m just now getting it up!  For shame, I know. :/



Top Ten Tuesday: Fall TBR

Happy Tuesday! Today’s Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by The Broke and the Bookish) prompt is Books on My Fall To-Be-Read List. Here’s what I plan on reading in the next few months! Click on the title to go to the book’s Goodreads page.

Killer Instinct (The Naturals #2) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Blackbird by Anna Carey, The Giver by Lois Lowry

1) Killer Instinct (Naturals #2) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes | The first book in this series was phenomenal, and I can’t wait to hang out with those characters again. (Read my review of The Naturals, book #1)

2) Blackbird by Anna Carey | Second person! This book is written in second person! I added it to my TBR for that reason alone. It’s described as The Maze Runner meets Code Name Verity which makes me want it even more!

3) The Giver by Lois Lowry| I added this book to my required reading since I haven’t read it yet.The Redemption by M. L. Tyndall, Breathe, Annie, Breathe by Miranda Kenneally, Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

4) The Redemption by M. L. Tyndall | Julianne let me borrow this book in high school and I loved it, but I don’t remember much about it now. It’s a Christian pirate romance book. I love pirate books.

5) Breathe, Annie, Breathe by Miranda Kenneally | I was drawn to this book because Annie runs, and I started running a few months ago. Like her, I hate it. I think it will be interesting to see how she grows through running.

6) Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas | We’re meeting the author in a few weeks at the Texas Teen Book Festival! (Previously the Austin Teen Book Festival.)Talon by Julie Kagawa, The 100 by Kass Morgan, Atlantia by Ally Condie7) Talon by Julie Kagawa | I enjoyed The Iron Fey series and have been wanting to read more of Julie Kagawa’s books. This one is about dragons! I haven’t read any dragon books yet, but I have several on my to-read list!

8) The 100 by Kass Morgan | We will also be meeting Kass Morgan at the Texas Teen Book Festival in a few weeks, and I’m trying to read as many books by festival authors as I can!

9) Atlantia by Ally Condie | We met Ally Condie at the Austin Teen Book Festival the same year we met Ally Carter. Though Matched wasn’t my favorite, I’m excited to read about sirens! Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley10) Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley | Rachel read (and reviewed!) this book and loves it and highly recommends it. I’m trying to read more nonfiction and figured this would be a good book to fit that category!

dotsWhat books are you going to read this fall? Any recommendations for me?

Foreign Covers: The Maze Runner

Who went and saw The Maze Runner this weekend? We can’t wait to see it! In honor of its release, we’ve compiled some of the foreign edition covers.

The Maze Runner English cover 2

This is the one I see everywhere, so I guess it’s the American cover.
The Maze Runner English cover

I haven’t seen this one, so I wonder if perhaps its the UK version? Can anyone confirm or deny this?
The Maze Runner collector's edition cover

This is the collector’s edition and I love it! We’ll be meeting James Dashner next month at the Texas Teen Book Festival, and I’m considering ordering this gorgeous edition for him to sign. [update: Last week I found these online, but that website has disappeared. Seriously, where did it go?]

The Maze Runner Barns & Noble exclusive cover

This cover can only be found at Barnes & Noble. I’m not usually a fan of books that have covers from the movie.

The Maze Runner movie tie-in cover

The above cover is an exception to my I-hate-movie-tie-in-covers. THAT is how you do a movie tie-in cover. I love that it features the maze instead of the actors.

The Maze Runner Spanish cover

The Spanish title literally translates to “Run or Die.”

The Maze Runner French Cover

The French cover is similar to the English cover, viewing the opening of the maze from a low angle.

The Maze Runner Bulgarian cover

Yes, I know the Bulgarian cover uses the fuller photo of the French cover, but that font. (Though I prefer the cropping of the French cover.)

The Maze Runner Thai cover

I love the dark, moody feel of the Thai cover. The silhouette in front of the maze is beautiful and gives a feeling of loneliness.

The Maze Runner Vietnamese cover

I’m not entirely sure what to make of the Vietnamese cover with the steps showing through the title font, but I like that it’s very different from the rest.

The Maze Runner Polish cover

I love how the Polish version gives a different angle of the maze. Most of the covers portray the maze shown from the point of view of someone standing on the ground. I love how we get to see it from above in this one.

The Maze Runner Russian cover

This one is one of my favorites because of the details. Once you’ve read the book (or at least gotten a few chapters in), you’ll realize that the maze is closing in this photo. I love how the runners are blurred so it’s obvious they’re trying to rush back to safety. And, though it’s a bit gruesome, the blood dripping from the spike is a chilling touch, giving the (very true) impression that the maze is deadly.

The Maze Runner Korean Cover

This is another interesting cover because we see both the maze from above and from the viewpoint of someone standing outside the gate.

The Maze Runner Hungarian cover

The Hungarian cover looks like gak exploded over one of those mazes in a coloring book.

The Maze Runner Romanian cover

It’s been a while since I read The Maze Runner. Does anyone know/remember what the significance of the birds is? The maze on this one is really cool.

The Maze Runner German Cover

The German cover is the only one to feature a face. I love how the main color is blue instead of the normal green!


What’s your favorite cover for The Maze Runner?

the maze runner foreign covers


Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Authors I’ve Only Read One Book From, But NEED to Read More

Top Ten Tuesday TPG

1.Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ( I read The Little Prince)

2. Lois Lowry  (I read The Giver)

3. Jane Austen (I read Pride and Prejudice about 3 times.)

4. Andy Stanley (I read Next Generation Leadership)

5. Nona Freeman (I read Bug and Nona on the Go)

6. Ally Condie (I read Matched)

7. James Barrie (I read Peter Pan)

8. Loisa May Alcott (I read The Inheritance and only started Little Women.)

9. Laura Ingles Wilder (I read Farmer Boy.)

10. E. B. White (I read Charlotte’s Web.)

Content Advisory: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Review and Content Advisory for To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

Author: Jenny Han

Age: Young Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Click here to read summary from Goodreads.

The idea behind To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is super cute. Lara Jean writes a letter to every boy she’s ever loved, addresses and stamps it, then places it in a box to be sealed away forever. Until one day, all her letters get mailed.

Beyond the fact that the possibility of that happening is unlikely (postage goes up frequently—a letter from a few years ago wouldn’t have the proper amount of postage), it’s a really cute premise for a book. There are lots of boys, and up until the end I wasn’t sure how things were going to go, and I wasn’t even sure HOW I wanted them to go.

Unfortunately for this cute book, sex is a pretty prominent topic. I didn’t even realize how much it was mentioned casually here or there until I referred to my notes and it was all over the place! There are no specifics about sex—more things like people mentioning couples who “did it”, a weekend school trip where people mostly just go to hook up, and nasty rumors get started.

I feel like a lot of it would have been avoided were it not for Lara Jean’s best friend, Chris. Chris is a trouble maker, always breaking the rules. She’s very blunt in everything she says, and she’s also responsible for a lot of the cursing in the book. At one point it’s mentioned that she did a strip tease at a party, and she’s known for hooking up with lots of guys. The entire book I was just like, Lara Jean, dump this girl! You’re better than that!

Ultimately, I was pretty upset with the amount of sexual talk, and was disappointed that it was dispersed through what could have otherwise been a really great book.

Ending this with my favorite line: “I read on a fashion blog that mixing plaids is a thing.” And it actually is! I totally approve.

Content Advisory:
Language: 4
Uses of a, b, d, s, h scattered throughout. Two f-bombs.
Sexual: 3.5
No sex happens on the page, but it’s a prominent topic throughout the book.

She was right. Mixing plaids is a thing!

mixing plaids{source} {source}

A Bookish Weekend

This past Saturday was filled with books as JB and I (Rachel) hit up all the different book events. We started the afternoon off by attending the closing hours of a local college’s Book Bazaar. The gym was filled with tables that had quickly dwindling stacks of books. We took advantage of the half-off hours! Following that, we went to go see what was going on at the newly opened 2nd and Charles’ grand opening. We were impressed with their organization, wide variety, and good deals! We are delighted with this addition to the community. Things would have only been more wonderful if Julianne could have joined us!!


Centenary Book Bazaar

Centenary Book Bazaar

Centenary Book Bazaar

2nd & Charles

Book haul from Centenary Book Bazaar and 2nd & Charles

Vintage Books with Inscription