Clothes Inspired by The Night Circus

Lately I’ve been itching to reread The Night Circus. It’s the perfect time of year for it. After all, the circus originally opened in October of 1886. I love the idea of the black and white circus, and the three of us have talked about how we would like to throw a black and white party someday. Here are some black and white outfits that are more than appropriate for Le Cirque des Rêves.

(Rachel and I have both reviewed The Night Circus! Check out her review here and my review here.)

Magical in Modcloth

modcloth black and white

Me, Myself, and Ivories dress | Tappy and You Know It flats | Cause and Effect Dress

Best Dress(ed)
black and white dresses

chevron dress | Luna | chic lady dress | Blackbird

A Bit of Black and White black and white accessories

pinwheel umbrella | I’ll Stand By Mew tights | houndstooth scarf

A Pop(pet and Widget) of Redpops of red

scarf | heels | bow

What would you wear to Le Cirque des Rêves?


VLOG | TTBF14 Recap with Xander!

Hey guys! This weekend we had a blast at the Texas Teen Book Festival! We came home with lots of books and goodies, and we finally got to meet Xander from Forever Bookish! We swap blogs with Xander every month for Swap From the Swamp, so we were excited to meet him in real life! After the festival, the four of us sat down and recapped the books we got and our favorite parts of the festival. Hope you enjoy!

Swap From the Swamp: Texas Teen Book Festival!

It’s that time again… Swap From the Swamp!

This weekend, The Girls in Plaid Skirts will be heading down to the Texas Teen Book Festival, and we were super excited to find out Xander is going to be there too! Check out why he’s so excited about it, and head over to his blog to see why we can’t wait for this weekend!

Hello Girls in Plaid Skirts and everyone who’s reading!

I am going to be attending the Texas Teen Book Festival on Saturday and since we are all going, we thought we would make a list of exciting things we can’t wait for!

1. AUTHORSSSSS. SO many incredible authors are attending this year and I can not wait to meet them all. From James Dashner, to Ransom Riggs to Gayle Forman. It’s going to be crazy.

2. Signed books. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE signed books. I am going to need a Uhaul to take all the books I am going to get signed.

3. Meeting people. I am BEYOND excited to meet you guys :-), and some other bloggers that I know are going to be there.

4. Being around bookish people. It gives off good vibes. It’s awesome being with people who are interested in the same things you like, and being able to talk about BOOKS. ALL THE BOOKS.

5. Attending panels. I love hearing about what fun things authors talk about. Yup. #notconfusingatall

6. Helping out. I am part of the Teen Press Corps (who liveblogs the event) and I am going to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off. It’s going to be awesome though!

7. YA! SO many people coming to one event under one roof is bound to be amazing. It shows you that youngin’s DO READ and it shows you the magnitude of the people who love reading. Yay literacy! *pumps fist*

Check out The Girls in Plaid Skirts list over on my blog!


Xander | Forever Bookish | My Bookworm Blog

Review: On the Fence

Review and Content Advisory of On The Fence by Kasie WestAuthor: Kasie West

Age: Young Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Click here to read summary from Goodreads.

I can now say that I have read ALL THE KASIE WEST BOOKS and that I NEED MORE. Unfortunately The Fill-In Boyfriend doesn’t come out until May 5. Sigh. I suppose I’ll just have to reread ALL THE KASIE WEST BOOKS until then.

What I love about her books is that THEY ARE CLEAN. They pass our content guidelines and therefore earn a star in the archives! Not only do they pass our content test, but they are also adorable, and On the Fence is no exception.

My favorite thing about On the Fence is that family plays such an important role in this book. It’s common nowadays for YA books to conveniently forget the parents, but Charlie’s dad and brothers are important to her, and we see a lot of them. Her brothers are protective of their little sister, and it’s absolutely adorable, even if they are annoying. To her. They’re annoying to her. As an only child who always wished I had an older brother, I found their antics endearing.

Then we have the romance and—ohmygoodness, Kasie West—how do you continue to write the bestest, cutest, sweetest love stories ever? I just want to be you when I grow up.

I won’t go into details, because you can read them yourself (and you’ll want to read them yourself!). Just trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed and you might squee. And perhaps binge the entire book…

(True story: I read this book in the car when we went out of town and my husband asked, “You aren’t bringing it in the restaurant, are you?” I did not, but only because I’m supposed to be a grown up now and reading at the table is considered rude. But I wanted to.)

Do I have to even say that this gets five stars? It’s a Kasie West book, and I’m obsessed with Kasie West books, so of course it gets five stars.

Content Advisory:
Sexual: 1
kissy kissy!

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