JB’s 2015 Reading Goals

2015 reading goals, shadow and bone, the grisha trilogyHello lovelies! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Years!

Today I’m here to talk about my reading goals for 2015. (See my 2014 reading goals here.)

1) Meet my Goodreads goal of 40 (new-to-me) books. Last year my goal was fifty, but I decided to lower it this year and do more rereading! I definitely want to reread CinderScarlet, and Cress before Winter comes out at the end of the year! Plus, it’s been far too long since I’ve read the Gallagher Girl series.

2) Read two classics. I’ve been reading bits and pieces of Emma for… like six months now. (Confession: I haven’t read any of it in a few months.) I’d like to finish Emma and also read The Giver (before my husband makes us watch the movie) and Great Expectations.

3) Read two non-fiction books. This is definitely not a big goal, but I don’t really like non-fiction. I’m currently reading It Starts With Food, but I’m not sure what other non-fic I’ll read. If you have any suggestions for me, leave them in the comments!

4) Finish The Chronicles of Narnia series. I read the first two last year and loved them! I have a friend who also wants to read them this year so we plan to read and discuss them together.

5) Read the second Percy Jackson book (if not more!). I really loved The Lightning Thief and want to read the rest of this series!

Overall, I don’t have any super huge goals, which I’m totally okay with. I feel like these goals are perfect for this year and I’m excited about my 2015 reading!

What are your reading goals for 2015?


2 thoughts on “JB’s 2015 Reading Goals

  1. For a super impactful non-fiction read I recommend to Unbroken. For a still impactful but also humorous read, if you have dreams that you don’t know how to act on (I think that describes most of us), then I recommend the Quitter by Jon Acuff.

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