Behind the Blog: Rachel’s Confessions

Dear Readers,

If you have been keeping up with our blog, you may have noticed my silence.

You may have been theorizing why I haven’t posted and left majority of the work to the other 2/3 of the team. Let me assure you The Girls in Plaid have not had a falling out. Life just has been busy. so. busy.

1. I would like to blame my silence on school.

This past semester I was completing my college career and was in the Student Teaching phase. I graduated December 21st! A week ago I started my first job. Learning the ropes is presenting itself with its own set of challenges. I still wonder when I’m going to find time to read.

Here is where the truth comes in…

2. I would like to blame my silence on something more personal

With my very little spare time, I haven’t wanted to spend it on blogging. Do I enjoy blogging? yes. Do I enjoy reading? yes.

However, If I spend anytime on the computer….I’m skyping.


You may remember that last summer I visited Holland. Well, because of that missions trip, I have found myself in a whirl wind romance with a great guy. The catch is that he lives 1,000 miles away. (Technically according to Google it is 999miles…but whose counting.)IMG_0521

SO – if there is any free time on my hands…its spent trying to defy the distance and poor internet connection to write a love story of my own.


Lucky for me he is a reader too. So, with his help I will try to be a better blogger. Currently we are reading Cinder and our Bibles together. We both love The Little Prince and enjoy roaming book stores together. ( We are planning on getting matching Tshirts!)The Little Prince t-shirt

So maybe together…we can help the other 2/3 of The Girls in Plaid with the contents of this blog.




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