Cover Collections: Classics

Raise your hands if you love pretty books. *all three Girls in Plaid Skirts raise their hands* WE DO! So we’ve been scrounging the internet for some of the most beautiful classic books you’ve ever laid your eyes on. These are totally drool-worthy!

[This post does contain affiliate links, meaning we could receive a very small commission should you buy something from one of those links.]
A Collage of Classics
Oliver Twist | Jane Eyre | The Odyssey | Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland | Great Expectations | Little Women

pretty endpapers classicsArabian Nights | The Complete Sherlock Holmes | Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

classic linesGreat Expectations | Pride and Prejudice | Jane Eyre

penguin threads classics

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz | The Wind in the Willows | Black Beauty | The Secret Garden | Emma | Little Women


My favorites:

Oliver Twist (love the pocket watches)

Sherlock Holmes (the plaid endpapers! I die!)

All of the “Classic Lines” editions (the ones that look like watercolors)

Penguin Threads’ Emma

Which cover is your favorite?


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