GG4: Recap

Another week gone!  Another book in the series! And wasn’t it just… Oh, the feels!!  Talk about intense.

Here are some of our fav quotes and thoughts! (Warning: contains spoilers!)



“Scary and I go way back.”

“I was like the ravens, a prisoner of a destiny I didn’t know and couldn’t control.”

“I stepped towards the Grand Hall, with one last smile back at my friends. “She didn’t leave me.”” {YASS!!!}

“We don’t like him, do we?”…”I don’t think we do.”

“I know this is going to sound crazy, but when you’re a spy, your life isn’t defined by the lies you tell, but by the truths.”

“So the question is,” Bex said slowly, “how far are you willing to go?”  I looked at my three best friends in the world. “How far is there?” {To the ends of the earth!!}

“The operatives fully understood that the first step in Denial and Deception Operations is denial.  And it’s way easier to deny being involved in some rogue undercover operation f you’re wearing jammies.”  {Liz wears “jammies” to “jam” the security systems… lol…}

When Zach did something regular guys would rarely do… “admitted we were on the wrong path…”

“They made me.” {AAARGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! *rage* }

“I know too well how dangerous hope can be, how it grows and sometimes dies, taking it’s host with it.  It’s more powerful than anything Dr. Fibbs keeps in his labs, more precious than all the secrets in Sublevel Two.”



– How you know things are really bad… “He sounded angry and frantic and scared.  Joe Solomon was scared.”

– Bex’s dad taught her how to use Barbie as a weapon… now that I want to see!

– The dumbwaiter scene!!!  (reminds me of the dumbwaiter scene from Etiquette and Espionage, by Gail Carriger)


– Again, I love how the weather plays a part in the narrative:

“Outside, the sky was a crisp, clear blue, but it felt like a storm was brewing inside our classroom.”

“The air around us was warmer; it was almost spring; and yet there were goosebumps on our arms.  It still felt a long,long way from summer.”

– Bubble Gum’s name is Walter!!

– This book causes a little anger when I read it, because I knowI know the things…


I think this book is such a turning point in the series, because we finally have some big questions answered, things are finally starting to make sense, but there are still so. many. unanswered. questions. Also, I totally agree with Jules’ spoiler above. I’ve been marking all those parts and each one makes me want to cry.

Macey: “I know fake love when I see it.” This makes me want to cry.

If possible, Joe Solomon had just gotten cooler. And hotter.

“Do any of you have a blowtorch?” Liz perked up as if she were about to say that yes, she did have a blowtorch in the back of her closet. “I’m afraid to know,” I said, holding out my hand to stop her.

“Look, they’re not technically closed—they’re just rigged to explode if anyone goes near them.” I love how chill Zach is about this.

“He’s a guy, Cam,” Macey pushed past me and led the way down the hall. “And a spy. He’s a spy guy. There’s always going to be something he’s not telling.”

“So he’s mysterious,” she said with a shrug. “Mysterious is sexy.

I didn’t know whether to hug him or hit him (a feeling that I frequently associate with Blackthorne Boys, to tell you the truth).

“Hello, sweetheart. Aren’t you going to introduce your little girlfriend to your mother?” OHEMGEE WHATTTTTTTTTT. AND she was a Gallagher Girl! *break my heart why don’t you, Ally Carter?*


-Blackthorne. Just. What?

-THE TRUTH SERUM IN THE APPLE. Guys, this kills me. I love it so much. Also this scene. Townsend: “Now, Rachel, don’t think of her as a pawn. It’s more like… what is it you Americans say… we dangled an apple out in front of Joe Solomon and—” Rachel: “The term is carrot and it doesn’t apply to teenage girls.” Townsend: “Oh is it? Maybe you use apples for something else.” I love that he totally busted them.

-Townsend. In general. Because he is hot. And hilarious. And he’s the uncle of Michael Townsend from The Naturals series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (aka Ally Carter’s best friend)! >>>And also Zach’s dad, which I NEVER IN A MILLION BAJILLION YEARS saw coming.<<<

-Thinking Zach and Mr. Solomon were dead. I CAN’T I CAN’T.

-That ending KILLED me. Especially when I had to wait for OVER A YEAR for the fifth book.

Did you have any favorite quotes or scenes?

What do you think of Townsend??


GG4: Mad For Plaid!!

Mad About Plaid

Of all the wonderful things in the world, like shoes and cakes and blankets and chairs and skirts and stationary, when you make them plaid they just get a little more awesome!

Harkening back to the heritage tartans of Scotland, brought into fresh interpretations

How about nestling into a comfy plaid chair with a good book and a hot cuppa tea?!?   Did that book suddenly inspire you?  Better jot it down quick!  How ‘bout in a plaid notebook?

And aren’t these invitations adorable?

And a party always calls for some cupcakes, these cupcake liners are plaid-perfect!

You could one of those fabulous parties in one of these plaid-featuring outfits!!

Of course I always love some vintage, check out this marvelous vintage skirt by blogger Rachel-Marie Iwanyszyn.

You know the perfect shoes can make or break an outfit, how delightful are these stilettos?!?

And we can’t forget the guys!  Check out these snazzy ties from Forage Haberdashery.

Well, we hope your day was super fabulous!!

Happy Plaiding!

Gallagher Girl 4: Spy/Assassin/Thief

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Our next game is to label each of the following characters for which role they would most likely fulfill!

1) Choose only ONE of following roles for each of the following characters: Spy, Assassin, or Thief.

Simple, huh? READY, SET, GO!

We’ll start with some classic characters:

1) Anne Shirley





2) Gilbert Blythe




3) Elizabeth Bennett


4) Mr. Darcy



Now some YA characters:

5)America Singer



6) Maxon Schreave



It’s Disney Time!

7) Rapunzel

"TANGLED" Rapunzel ©Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

©Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

8) Anna


9) Elsa




And the Challenge…remember you can only choose one label!

10) Sherlock




Week 4: Only The Good Spy Young

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I can’t believe it’s already the fourth week!  Eep!

If you are just joining us, we Girls in Plaid are hosting a Gallagher Girls Series readathon and we’d love for you to be a part!  Even if you haven’t read the series, this is a great time to get into it!   Well, start at the beginning, of course!  Wouldn’t want you to miss the first three amazing books!

This week is Only The Good Spy Young

Keep your eyes open for more posts coming up!

Only The Good Spy Young - Ally Carter

Question of the week:

If you could pick the school colors what would they be?

And what would the uniforms be?

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Reflections: Gallagher Girls 3

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It’s time to discuss our thoughts about Don’t Judge a Girl By Her Cover! How awesome is that title? Be warned, there are spoilers for the first two books as well!


First off, I think this is my favorite cover of the series. I love the red, white, and blue! I feel like this is the first book where things start to get real and serious. It marks a turning point for the whole series.


Preston: “Are all the women of the Gallagher Academy as striking as the two of you?” Macey spun on him. “Actually, striking is what we do best.”

For a Gallagher Girl, “Boy crazy” might be the most dangerous kind of crazy there is.

Aunt Abby: “Look at you. All grown up and breaking hearts… and rules. Honestly, as an aunt, I don’t know which makes me prouder.”

Macey: “You’re a spy, Cam. Don’t you know that nothing is ever as it seems?”

When Cammie whispers Zach’s words, “Sombody knows.”

Probably my most favorite quote in the whole book: The only way Bex would miss this would be if she were unconscious. And tied up. And locked in a concrete bunker. In Siberia.”

I took a chance and called upon a Gallagher Girl’s weapon of last resort. I flirted.

When being faced with being somewhere you’re not supposed to be, rule number one is simple: be someone else.

Zach: “I heard someone’s playing hooky.” Cammie: “There’s a boy in my life. He’s a very bad influence.” Zach: Bad boys have a way of doing that. But they’re worth it.”

Fave scenes and stuff:

The entirety of being in Macey’s train car. Yep. That’s my favorite scene.


That point when the guy sees Zach and says, “You?” and I’m just like YOU WHAT, ZACH?! YOU WHAT!??!? (Thank goodness the rest of the books are out now. There were some very major serious feels when we finished reading this book on release day.)

Foreshadowing and clues and stuff: (Includes spoilers for books 4-6, so highlight to read at your own risk)

>>>“The whole school was on fire (without actually burning, of course.)”

“We’re like smoke and fire that way.” (Just… all the fire quotes kill me because book 6.)

We huddled together in the nearest, quietest, safest place I could find, surrounded by the remnants of the first-ever *covert carrier pigeon* breeding program.<<<


So this book has TONS of awesome quotes. Not that the other ones don’t, but by this point in the story, there are many more feels-y things to reference, in addition to referencing things that we now know are a MAJOR part of the rest of the story.


(on the elevator to the roof)  …[A]ll I could do was think about another boy in another elevator, and remember that there are some things even a Gallagher Girl can’t keep from sneaking up behind her.

>> you can’t hide form everything<<

(because I’m a total sarcasim ninja) “They don’t look like undecided voters,” he said, as if sarcasm was a weapon he’d relied on his entire life and he didn’t want it to fail him then.

(after she falls down the chute) For a moment, I could almost see his face leaning toward me, as if my life were flashing before my eyes.  [HE WAS THERE!!]

For a Gallagher Girl, boy crazy might be the most dangerous kind of crazy there is.

She’s beautiful, and I’m plain.  She grew up in London and I spent my summers on a ranch in the middle of nowhere. She was born for fight, and I was born for flight.  But the way she looked at me reminded me that Bex and I are alike in all the way that matter.

There are things spies often carry with them: pocket litter, fake IDs, the occasional weapon-slash-camera-slash-hair accessory.  But the heaviest things, I think, are secrets.  They can drown you if you let them.

Things move through our mansion as fast as fire sometimes.

[ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! ifyouonlyknew!!]

I had the superior position, and with any boy – much less a Blackthorne boy – superior position is something you should hang on to when you get the chance.

Fall was coming soon, and yet the mysteries of summer were still alive and well.

I love the Gallagher Academy at night.  There’s beauty in the shadows – the only time where the outside really reflects what’s going on inside.

Cam: Why do I feel like I can’t trust you anymore?

Zach: Because Gallagher Academy dosen’t admit fools.

Sometimes people run.. to see if you’ll come after them.

Thoughts, ect.:

So many times Cammie mentions the girls coming to her side.  I love that they are so together through everything. “I stepped into the darkness with nothing but my training and my cover and friends who would follow me to the ends of the earth, no matter what was waiting for us on the other side.”

Also, so many times in this book I wanted to BE AUNT ABBY!!!

I love how Ally brings to mention the weather, not just setting a scene, but almost giving the rain or the wind a part in the story.

In this book secrets have more physicality, almost like they are a character… “And that’s when I knew I had the second type of secret.  I didn’t dare set it free. So I carried it into the Grand Hall with me and sat down…”

I love that Bex’s hair is “particularly out of control” after waking up, but later in the chapter is “the only girl I know who can exit a helicopter without having it do really unfortunate things to her hair.”  Like only something as innocent as sleep could mess with that amazing hair.

It makes me giggle that when the girls fight the big bad guys Liz is the one jumping on people’s backs.

It ends with another swoony kiss and a dramatic exit!!

Oh you guys… this book…

Gallagher Girl 3: Shelfie Profiling

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Gallagher Girls are trained on profiling and gathering information. We see this as they go through a person’s trash to gather their information. I’ve thought how it would be fun to profile someone based of the their bookshelves. Could it be done? I figured you could help me out.

Put on your sleuthing hats and let’s go!


book shelf 4




shelf 1


book shef 2



Okay, tell us about the owners of these bookshelves! Ready. Set. GO!

GG3: A Birthday Celebration

It seems like forever ago that Don’t Judge A Girl By Her Cover came out.  But I can remember exactly the day because that just happened to be my 18th birthday! The three of us planned a girls’ trip to have a double celebration.

On the morning of, we rose bright and early to head to faithful B&N to retrieve our prize.

Ready for book 3!!

Ready for book 3!!

Prize in hand!

Prize in hand!

After lunch we had our first read-a-thon where we would only read one chapter at a time, and then all read the next chapter together.  Oh. My. Goodness.

I have never regretted being a fast reader my entire life, except for then.  I would finish first and then be just antsy waiting for Rae and JB to finish.  I had to get up and do something, I made the bed, I made rice crispy treats, I flopped on the chair and moaned!!  The anticipation was KILLING ME!!  We made our way through the book and, oh, it was so good!!  Still is!

We celebrated that night with birthday cupcakes and the cutest candle on the planet, and chocolate covered fortune cookies!


What really topped off the day was that JB’s dad was in Seattle where Ally was doing a book signing and he went and stood in line for us and got her to sign a picture of us reading GG3, and made a video of her for us!

It was Awe.summ.!!

Ally Carter Gallagher Girls signing

Reflections: Gallagher Girls 2

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Week 2 is in the books! (I’m so punny… and also late at posting this recap… Oops!) Here’s our thoughts about Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy. (Contains spoilers for Books 1 and 2. Also contains spoilers for future books, but you must highlight to read those.)


I think this is my favorite of the Gallagher Girl books, because it’s the one I’ve read the most times. And also… ZACH GOODE IS INTRODUCED. <—this is my fictional boyfriend, k?

Favorite scenes: The Ruby Slipper scene of course! (More about that here.) And when Zach and Cammie run into Josh and Dee Dee. (Awkward!) And the, um… clothing malfunction scene. And the kissy scene! Okay fine, I just love the whole book.

Fave quotes:
“Mr. Solomon had lectured on rolling exits the week before, and for a second I wondered if he’d brought us here to illustrate how to throw someone out of a moving van; but then I remembered that Dr. Steve was driving.”  Highlight to see my thoughts, but they’re spoilers for the last books so DON’T HIGHLIGHT AND READ UNLESS YOU’VE READ ALL THE BOOKS!>>> YOU SHOULD HAVE THROWN HIM OUT OF THE VAN!!!!!! Later you’ll have wished you did!<<<

Anytime Zach points to himself and says, “Spy.”

“…a solid twenty percent of me wanted to spike Zach’s morning orange juice with truth serum and be done with it.” My explanation for why I think that’s funny includes spoilers so read at your own risk>>> Later, they really do end up spiking Townsend’s apple… who is Zach’s dad…<<<

“I’m not all bad, Gallagher Girl. Of course, I’m not all good, either.”

Zach: “Somebody knows.” *spoilers for future books* >>>Yeah, like YOUR MOTHER.<<<

Zach: “I’m saying you shouldn’t act like there aren’t any answers just because you haven’t taken the time to look for them.” *spoilers for later books* >>>HE IS PUTTING IDEAS IN CAMMIE’S HEAD THAT HE WILL TOTALLY REGRET LATER!!<<<

“What am I supposed to do, Zach? I’m just—”
“Just a girl?” he questioned me. Then he shrugged and sighed. “I thought you were a Gallagher Girl.”

“I always finish what I start.” * SQUEEEEEEE *

Last thoughts: I really love the ending of this book in comparison to the first one. In the first one, she’s saying goodbye to a boy she likes who won’t remember the truth about her. In the second, she knows it’s not goodbye to the boy who knows the truth about her. Oh, and this is from Love You Kill You: “The dramatic good-bye is often followed by the good-bye-er flying back through the door to sweep the good-bye-ee into a very dramatic, very sexy kiss.” She didn’t get her kiss with Josh, but she did with Zach! 🙂


“‘Black thorn’ is a common type of rose fungus, but does not appear to be a code name for any rogue government conspiracy theories.” Blackthorne… a good thing gone bad! (Makes sense in later books.)

“[Zach] stepped closer and put his hands in his pockets, which is Body Language 101 for putting someone at ease, but everything about Zach Good made me uneasy.” Zach did the same hands-in-pockets thing that Josh did!

“Maybe it wasn’t his fault his armor was kind of tarnished.”

What was your favorite part of Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy?

Men’s Plaid Fashion

Gallagher Girl readathon logo hosted by thegirlsinplaidskirts.comSome of our love of plaid steams from being Gallagher Girl Fans. We love posting/pinning cute outfits with a plaid skirt as the center of attention.

This post is looking to men’s plaid fashion…Thank you Brody for your help!

Brody: If we’re going to do a post on plaid apparel we have to start it off right… with the Scottish kilt!

We’re not responsible for any kilt fads breaking out proceeding this post

ol scotty


Rachel: lol, for real though, there are some dapper plaid outfits for men to wear. First, let’s look at hats!


Brody: Hey! It’s the guy who played Hawking in the new Hawking movie!

I dig the suit but I don’t condone Hawking’s morality after watching the movie.


Rachel: It’s the Les Mesirables guy! Can we talk about coats now please?

Brody: Okie Dokie artichoke’!

Rachel: I like this coat a lot! It remind me of someone going on a hunting trip to an old lodge with Teddy Roosevelt!

fancymooseheadonlodgecoatBrody: I got pretty excited about these coats when I saw them but I was quite disappointed when Rachel wasn’t so impressed.


Brody: This plaid shirt/hoodie hybrid is awesome!


Rachel: That is almost like a button up shirt. Speaking of button ups, let’s look at the different ways to wear to a plaid shirt!  Brody calls this one “hipster plaid”.





Brody: For those of you who think “bowties are cool”!