Reflections: Gallagher Girls 1

Gallagher Girl readathon logo hosted by Since we’ve already reviewed I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have to Kill You, we thought we’d share some of our thoughts and favorite moments from the first book! WARNING: There might be spoilers ahead, so don’t read this post if you haven’t read the first book!

JB: Did anyone catch the SUPER MAJOR foreshadowing in chapter one? (Contains spoiler for future books, so highlight to read at your own risk!)

>>> “That’s got to be just a start-of-school rumor.” There were always plenty of those—like how *some girl got kidnapped by terrorists*, or one of the staff members won a hundred grand on Wheel of Fortune.<<<

Fave quotes:

  • “Get good, ladies. Or get dead.”
  • “Let’s face it—he’s either an enemy agent trying to infiltrate the Gallagher Girls through Cammie…” “Or…” “He’s your soul mate.”
  • Not necessarily a favorite… more like ALL THE FEELS the first time I read this book and the second one WASN’T OUT YET: “Oh, tell your mom thanks for the tea.”                                   weiojsxcv;jidflz!!?!??!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fave scenes:

  • When Bex and Liz are trying to get out of Josh’s house and Liz is spinning around on repel cables like a pinata and Bex is just giving Cammie a thumbs up and mouthing “He’s cute!”
  • When Josh sneaks up on Cammie and, before she realizes it’s him, she tosses him to the ground.
  • Two words: FORK LIFT (We talked about this in detail here.)

Rachel: Well, it was fun going back to read the 1st chapter and see the Gallagher Academy for the 1st time. Ivy walls, a dorm room with nooks and cranies, and electric sword the makes the newbie’s hair catch on fire….yes please! I also loved the introduction of Liz! …and the Fork Lift scene is epic!

Quotes: “I know I’m the genius, but you do the math” – Cammie

I would like to confess the first time I read this book – I didn’t realize Bex was African American, but there it is: “She sounded eerily like the black, teenage, female James Bond.” I’m with JB on the tea quote…I was devasted and in “I need book two NOW!” mode!


I’m in the admission boat with Rae, first time around I missed where she was black, and somewhere between books I totally forgot that she was British… -.-

“Get good ladies, or get dead.” ~ J. Solomon

And I really like that bonding moment between Cam and Macey in the tunnel, it shows a different, but very awesome and mature side of Macey that I love.

UMM that total forshadow moment on page 81 where “Tina Walters swears there’s a top secret boy’s school somewhere in Maine…”

And the swoon-worthy “… tell Suzie she’s a lucky cat.”

Then the the part where we know she’s really in deep… “ I…” I stumbled, knowing I”d finally made it to the edge of the cliff, and I had to decide if it was worth the fall.”

And when Cammie comes to terms that it just can’t work  “DeeDee would alwasy be flesh and blood to him, and I would always be a legend.”

And the forklift scene… just the whole thing…. That scene will always and forever be on my list of favorites.

Also, one more thought: the entirety of LYKY can be summed up in:

 Is it better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all?


What is your favorite moment and/or quote from the first Gallagher Girls book?


2 thoughts on “Reflections: Gallagher Girls 1

  1. My favorite moment is when Liz blew up the Driver’s Ed car tire! What are friends for? I love their friendship SO much. 🙂 Hmm…I would say my favorite quote is the very last sentence, about being unsure about the future, “But I know who will be beside me, and as every good spy knows-sometimes that’s enough.” I really like that. Of course, Cammie was talking about her best friends being beside her, but I like to think about the fact that Jesus is walking beside me! And like she said, that’s enough! I can face the future knowing He is by my side. Anyway, I loved the fork lift scene! I was like “Did that just happen?!?!?! Yes it did!!!!” And I loved the part where Liz is spinning like a piñata. SO funny! I laughed so much, I had to read that part to my 12 year old brother, and by the time I was done, we were all rolling around giggling like nuts! *sigh of happiness* I love “I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have To Kill You.” 🙂

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