Reflections: Gallagher Girls 2

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Week 2 is in the books! (I’m so punny… and also late at posting this recap… Oops!) Here’s our thoughts about Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy. (Contains spoilers for Books 1 and 2. Also contains spoilers for future books, but you must highlight to read those.)


I think this is my favorite of the Gallagher Girl books, because it’s the one I’ve read the most times. And also… ZACH GOODE IS INTRODUCED. <—this is my fictional boyfriend, k?

Favorite scenes: The Ruby Slipper scene of course! (More about that here.) And when Zach and Cammie run into Josh and Dee Dee. (Awkward!) And the, um… clothing malfunction scene. And the kissy scene! Okay fine, I just love the whole book.

Fave quotes:
“Mr. Solomon had lectured on rolling exits the week before, and for a second I wondered if he’d brought us here to illustrate how to throw someone out of a moving van; but then I remembered that Dr. Steve was driving.”  Highlight to see my thoughts, but they’re spoilers for the last books so DON’T HIGHLIGHT AND READ UNLESS YOU’VE READ ALL THE BOOKS!>>> YOU SHOULD HAVE THROWN HIM OUT OF THE VAN!!!!!! Later you’ll have wished you did!<<<

Anytime Zach points to himself and says, “Spy.”

“…a solid twenty percent of me wanted to spike Zach’s morning orange juice with truth serum and be done with it.” My explanation for why I think that’s funny includes spoilers so read at your own risk>>> Later, they really do end up spiking Townsend’s apple… who is Zach’s dad…<<<

“I’m not all bad, Gallagher Girl. Of course, I’m not all good, either.”

Zach: “Somebody knows.” *spoilers for future books* >>>Yeah, like YOUR MOTHER.<<<

Zach: “I’m saying you shouldn’t act like there aren’t any answers just because you haven’t taken the time to look for them.” *spoilers for later books* >>>HE IS PUTTING IDEAS IN CAMMIE’S HEAD THAT HE WILL TOTALLY REGRET LATER!!<<<

“What am I supposed to do, Zach? I’m just—”
“Just a girl?” he questioned me. Then he shrugged and sighed. “I thought you were a Gallagher Girl.”

“I always finish what I start.” * SQUEEEEEEE *

Last thoughts: I really love the ending of this book in comparison to the first one. In the first one, she’s saying goodbye to a boy she likes who won’t remember the truth about her. In the second, she knows it’s not goodbye to the boy who knows the truth about her. Oh, and this is from Love You Kill You: “The dramatic good-bye is often followed by the good-bye-er flying back through the door to sweep the good-bye-ee into a very dramatic, very sexy kiss.” She didn’t get her kiss with Josh, but she did with Zach! 🙂


“‘Black thorn’ is a common type of rose fungus, but does not appear to be a code name for any rogue government conspiracy theories.” Blackthorne… a good thing gone bad! (Makes sense in later books.)

“[Zach] stepped closer and put his hands in his pockets, which is Body Language 101 for putting someone at ease, but everything about Zach Good made me uneasy.” Zach did the same hands-in-pockets thing that Josh did!

“Maybe it wasn’t his fault his armor was kind of tarnished.”

What was your favorite part of Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy?


5 thoughts on “Reflections: Gallagher Girls 2

  1. My favorite part was when Mr. Mosckowitz was twirling his mustache at the ball and it came off! Such a small thing but super funny! I also loved the undergarment problem Cammie had. 🙂 My favorite quotes were:

    “Blackthorne was a school! That Mr. Solomon had gone to! A school where they make more Mr. Solomons!” -Cammie

    “If the whole spy thing doesn’t work out, the students from Blackthorne will surely have futures in the housekeeping industry.” -Summary of Surveillance by the Operatives

    “What is it Gallagher Girl? No snappy comebacks? Nonexistent cat named Suzie got your tongue?” -Zach

    “Cough is you think he looks good.” -Liz

    Oh, just wanted to say thank you for doing this readathon! I am really enjoying it! Maybe sometime you could do a Lunar Chronicles readathon (especially when Winter comes out! *girly squeal of excitement*) or perhaps a Selection series readathon! It would be a ton of fun! 😀

    • Ally Carter has the BEST quotes!

      I love the idea of doing a TLC readathon! I know someone is hosting one in the months before Winter is released, but I can’t remember who. And how fun would a Selection readathon be before the last book comes out? Thanks for the idea! We’ll have to discuss it in our next blog meeting!

  2. OMG, I never noticed all those connections! It just makes me love these books more!
    Zach is also one on of my favorite book boys so any scene with him is a favorite but I really like the scene at the end where they’re working together to stop Dr. Steve. Such a great team!

    • *swoon* Zach! And is it just me, or does he get even swoonier throughout the books? I mean, he cooks bacon shirtless at one point, and that is definitely extra swoony.

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