Reflections: Gallagher Girls 3

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It’s time to discuss our thoughts about Don’t Judge a Girl By Her Cover! How awesome is that title? Be warned, there are spoilers for the first two books as well!


First off, I think this is my favorite cover of the series. I love the red, white, and blue! I feel like this is the first book where things start to get real and serious. It marks a turning point for the whole series.


Preston: “Are all the women of the Gallagher Academy as striking as the two of you?” Macey spun on him. “Actually, striking is what we do best.”

For a Gallagher Girl, “Boy crazy” might be the most dangerous kind of crazy there is.

Aunt Abby: “Look at you. All grown up and breaking hearts… and rules. Honestly, as an aunt, I don’t know which makes me prouder.”

Macey: “You’re a spy, Cam. Don’t you know that nothing is ever as it seems?”

When Cammie whispers Zach’s words, “Sombody knows.”

Probably my most favorite quote in the whole book: The only way Bex would miss this would be if she were unconscious. And tied up. And locked in a concrete bunker. In Siberia.”

I took a chance and called upon a Gallagher Girl’s weapon of last resort. I flirted.

When being faced with being somewhere you’re not supposed to be, rule number one is simple: be someone else.

Zach: “I heard someone’s playing hooky.” Cammie: “There’s a boy in my life. He’s a very bad influence.” Zach: Bad boys have a way of doing that. But they’re worth it.”

Fave scenes and stuff:

The entirety of being in Macey’s train car. Yep. That’s my favorite scene.


That point when the guy sees Zach and says, “You?” and I’m just like YOU WHAT, ZACH?! YOU WHAT!??!? (Thank goodness the rest of the books are out now. There were some very major serious feels when we finished reading this book on release day.)

Foreshadowing and clues and stuff: (Includes spoilers for books 4-6, so highlight to read at your own risk)

>>>“The whole school was on fire (without actually burning, of course.)”

“We’re like smoke and fire that way.” (Just… all the fire quotes kill me because book 6.)

We huddled together in the nearest, quietest, safest place I could find, surrounded by the remnants of the first-ever *covert carrier pigeon* breeding program.<<<


So this book has TONS of awesome quotes. Not that the other ones don’t, but by this point in the story, there are many more feels-y things to reference, in addition to referencing things that we now know are a MAJOR part of the rest of the story.


(on the elevator to the roof)  …[A]ll I could do was think about another boy in another elevator, and remember that there are some things even a Gallagher Girl can’t keep from sneaking up behind her.

>> you can’t hide form everything<<

(because I’m a total sarcasim ninja) “They don’t look like undecided voters,” he said, as if sarcasm was a weapon he’d relied on his entire life and he didn’t want it to fail him then.

(after she falls down the chute) For a moment, I could almost see his face leaning toward me, as if my life were flashing before my eyes.  [HE WAS THERE!!]

For a Gallagher Girl, boy crazy might be the most dangerous kind of crazy there is.

She’s beautiful, and I’m plain.  She grew up in London and I spent my summers on a ranch in the middle of nowhere. She was born for fight, and I was born for flight.  But the way she looked at me reminded me that Bex and I are alike in all the way that matter.

There are things spies often carry with them: pocket litter, fake IDs, the occasional weapon-slash-camera-slash-hair accessory.  But the heaviest things, I think, are secrets.  They can drown you if you let them.

Things move through our mansion as fast as fire sometimes.

[ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! ifyouonlyknew!!]

I had the superior position, and with any boy – much less a Blackthorne boy – superior position is something you should hang on to when you get the chance.

Fall was coming soon, and yet the mysteries of summer were still alive and well.

I love the Gallagher Academy at night.  There’s beauty in the shadows – the only time where the outside really reflects what’s going on inside.

Cam: Why do I feel like I can’t trust you anymore?

Zach: Because Gallagher Academy dosen’t admit fools.

Sometimes people run.. to see if you’ll come after them.

Thoughts, ect.:

So many times Cammie mentions the girls coming to her side.  I love that they are so together through everything. “I stepped into the darkness with nothing but my training and my cover and friends who would follow me to the ends of the earth, no matter what was waiting for us on the other side.”

Also, so many times in this book I wanted to BE AUNT ABBY!!!

I love how Ally brings to mention the weather, not just setting a scene, but almost giving the rain or the wind a part in the story.

In this book secrets have more physicality, almost like they are a character… “And that’s when I knew I had the second type of secret.  I didn’t dare set it free. So I carried it into the Grand Hall with me and sat down…”

I love that Bex’s hair is “particularly out of control” after waking up, but later in the chapter is “the only girl I know who can exit a helicopter without having it do really unfortunate things to her hair.”  Like only something as innocent as sleep could mess with that amazing hair.

It makes me giggle that when the girls fight the big bad guys Liz is the one jumping on people’s backs.

It ends with another swoony kiss and a dramatic exit!!

Oh you guys… this book…


2 thoughts on “Reflections: Gallagher Girls 3

  1. Yay I finished the book! SO good! ❤ My goodness, the last part was so adrenaline packed, my jaw dropped towards my hummus and chips at the dining room table. Seriously. My favorite quote was when Preston said, "Whatever secrets you and Macey have, Cammie, I don't want to know them. Just tell me one thing: does it involve Spandex? Because in my mind it involves Spandex." Lol hilarious!
    The best part was the kissing scene!

    "And I can honestly say that none of the spy training in the world prepared me for the sight of my aunt grabbing Joe Solomon by the shirt.
    "And kissing him.
    "On the mouth.
    "For eighty-seven seconds."

    Whoop whoop, go Team Aunt Abby! *confetti flies all over* I especially loved how she said, "Well, someone had to do it." 😀
    I was really surprised how this book was not like the first two where it was just a light, fun read. This one. Was. Intense. But brilliant! I cannot wait to read the next one!

  2. I got hooked on the series with the second book but this book was the start of everything and I love it for that! I love that it’s still comedic but my favorite scene is probably at the end starting when Zach gives her his coat! *Swoon*
    I love seeing more of Mr Solomon and Abby is just awesome! I am totally picturing her as Anne Hathaway!

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