GG6: Plaid Style

Hello lovely readers!!

There are some outfits for the rule breakers, the preppy gals, the cautious dressers, the non-conformists, the maxi-skirters, and the blazers-and-jeans. I’m just gonna throw all these in and let the loving begin!!

That plaid with stripes reminds me of what I wore when we met Ally Carter for the first time!

Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest!  You can find all these fabulous outfits on our Plaid Fashion board!

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Which ones you would totally work, or wish you could work?

(I’m totally envying that plaid shirt and black skirt…)


2 thoughts on “GG6: Plaid Style

  1. So pretty! I could totally work the plaid dress with the red sweater (fourth one) and the green, black, and yellow plaid skirt (third one), along with the brown plaid jacket with jeans. I wish I could work the red and black dress (second one), but not sure…it’s adorable, but I think I’d have to whip out a pair of black leggings lol. 😉 hmm with tall black leather boots and long leggings, I think I could pull it off!

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