Catching up with the Girls

Happy Fall you guys!!!

Only two months left until next year! canyoubelieveit?!?   Then begins a whole new year of new and wonderful things, all the new books and festivals and events and new people and old friends and great adventures!  But this year isn’t over yet and we’ve already begun to have new adventures and do all sorts of grown-up things!

JB is getting into the groove at her new job (not to mention being the cutest fur-mommie ever!)

Jules just finished her first week of her first class of her Masters program and her second week of a new job!

To add to the madness Jules has also decided to finish the Hunger Games series!

Rachel is hard at work being the youth activities coordinator at her library.  For Halloween she threw really awesome event for all the lovely patrons, readers, kids, and families.

Unfortunately these things are super time drains,

*but we haven’t forgotten about you love readers!*

we still love y’all 🙂

We promise that along with the new friends and great adventures, the new year will bring a refreshed Girls in Plaid.  On that note if you have any ideas you want us to blog about, or cool activities, or authors, or challenges for us, just let us know!  Comment her or tweet us on the Twitter or find us on the Instagram!

Hope everyone had a wonderful (and safe) Halloween!  We would love to see yalls costumes and candy hauls! Tag us in your Insta pics!  We had tons of fun dressing up to get in on the fun and help Rae out with the library bash.  Dressed as a gypsy, I painted faces, which is super fun, but harder than it sounds when said face keeps wiggling and suddenly you have to make that dragon’s wings be somewhere you didn’t intend for them to be, or convince them that all the cool spiders have a random leg with extra joints…  JB was part of the really fantastic haunted maze that Rae set up.  She was a Weeping Angel from the Dr Who series. She did a great job of being super creepy, even though i totally knew it was her!  Honestly, I haven’t done a haunted anything in years and I went through with our friend Paige and a mom and her son (who was maybe 8).  Nobody wanted to go first, so we elected him because he had a sword… Regardless we were in for surprises and screams.  At least now I know I can survive an elevated heart rate… O.o   But getting to be around kids having fun is so cool.

the gypsy, the weeping angel, and the princess (with a Pascal)

the gypsy, the weeping angel, and the princess (with a Pascal)

our very own weeping angel!

our very own weeping angel!

Anyway we love you guys


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