National Young Readers Week

National Young Readers Day

Hello lovely readers!!

As some of you may know Monday was National Young Readers Day and this whole week is National Young Readers week, which is an annual event started in1989 by the The Book-It Program and the Center for the Book at the Library of Congress.  The focus of these events is to support youngsters that are already reading to continue, to  encourage those who have not experienced the magic that stories bring, and to build awareness around the importance of childhood literacy.

casper mattress

In light of this celebration we were asked by the awesome folks over at the Casper mattress makers to talk about the role of bedtime stories played and what some of our favorites. (before I go to far, I just want to say that you can call Casper and get a bedtime story read to you… no kidding)

It kinda goes without saying that literature and reading are huge parts of our lives, but for all three of us, having our noses in books goes way back.  We three were blessed to have mommies that were more than happy to satisfy our wondering minds and feed our imaginations.  Of course fairy tales were a staple, among our favorites are Cinderella (especially the folk-y versions) and Sleeping Beauty, and of course Peter Pan!  JB has a very Disney fan filled family so she got lots of Mickey Mouse!

A staple of bedtime was Little Golden Books. Every time is see that shiny gold spine I get reminiscent… Used to you could only find them at garage sales or Goodwill but now World Market carries them!  I think B&N as well!  I remember one in particular, The Saggy Baggy Elephant, was really cute.  Part humorous bedtime (or anytime!) story, part fable.little golden saggy baggy elephantSpeaking of fables, I love, and will read to my children, folk tales and fables from other cultures.  I have a few old books of different international children’s tales and I love reading them even now.  From this point I wan to squee a little bit about this film I just saw…  Ah! It’s beautiful!  Ok, it’s called Song of the Sea and it is basically a beautifully illustrated book come to life. The story is about a little girl who learns she is a selkie (a Scottish/Irish lore creature that is a girl on land and, when wearing her seal coat, transforms into a seal when in the sea) and is seeking her mother and there’s magic and happiness… and i don’t want to say too much but it’s beautiful…

A partner of National Young Readers Week is One More Story.  OMS brings new and old children’s books to life with full-out narration, with voices and sound effects and musically scored and everything!  They are available for device access and feature read-a-long and click-to-hear word identification options.  They are offering a free book a day until Friday!

Well that’s it for today!!   I hope you are having a fabulous week wherever you are!
If this made you think of any favorite books from your childhood we’d love to hear about them!
National young readers week

The lovely graphic up top was borrowed from fellow book blogger Erin over at The Hardcover Lover who also posted about her childhood reading!


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