Meet JB

Hi! I’m JB. Sometimes I go by Mrs. Dork. My Gallagher Girl code name is Macey. I’m 23 and recently graduated with a degree in communication and Spanish.

The guy I call Dork? He’s my husband. His real name is Kaleb. We dated for four years then got married. He’s a deputy sheriff, and he likes to work out a lot, so you should probably not mess with him (or me).

Oxford is our son. He’s a fuzzy little guy. His favorite things are his mommy, belly rubs, and Pupperoni sticks.

Questions? Comments? Cupcake recipes you want to share? Feel free to email me at mrsdorkblog (at)

julianne bw

(Photo creed goes to Ryan Austin Dean )

oh heavens… where to start…

i think it’s fair to say that if you are reading this you have correctly deduced that i love reading.  not just reading, i love books.  especially old ones that have inscriptions in them {like “To Charles and Jane on your first anniversary.  May God bless you with many children.  – Mother” or “Congratulations on … well i’m getting off track.  which tends to happen often.  my train of thought needs off-road tires (: }  anyway, i love the romance of paper (i’m a stationary addict collector), which is limitlessness heightened by the fact that the simple addition of ink on the pages in the limited set of shapes can  transform a stack of pressed wood product into a world never before seen or even known.  people are drawn forth from a single mind and interact and live and love and cause and protect and, beyond that, affects equally and intense emotions in the readers self.

going hand in hand with my love for books is my love for words, specifically for perfect words.  there are few things quite so wonderful as being able to recall from the vast expanse of my vocabulary the exact word i mean, when i need it.  unfortunately that doesn’t happen often.

at any rate, something else to say about me is that, as much as i appreciate correct grammar, punctuation, and all that jazz, i usually don’t capitalize…  i suspect i’m just too lazy.  my journal entries are often devoid of capitals, except for proper nouns.

about {ME}:  College class of ’12, BA Studio Art, graphic design nerd,  cajun-cowgirl hybrid, knitter, vintage aficionado, avid traveler (my mind more than anything else), Pentecostal (can i get an amen!),  happily single, pescatarian, ummm… that’s about all i got for time being!

now i’ve got to go finish my book!


bex {jhs}

rachel name

Name: Rachel

Gallagher Code Name: Liz

Age: 23

Description: Short. Blonde. Ed Major. Nerdfighter. Pentecostal.

My Bucket list: Click here

My personal WordPress page is:

My Twitter and Instagram user name is: @rach91mac



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