Our Story

It started here. This is how we became “The Girls in The Plaid Skirts”.


Ally tweets

See! Two fantastic authors mentioned us in a tweet! They did not know our names, just a simple reference. One phrase. But that was enough. We knew who we were, and it made our day.

For years we have been loyal fans of Ally Carter. She is our literary hero. We enjoy donning our plaid skirts and getting in touch with our Gallagher alter egos every so often. You see,  JB is “Macey” the fashionista, and Julianne is “Bex” the athletic one, and I’m “Liz” the nerd. (Though honestly, we are all a little bit nerdy. We have a blog about spies and books!)

 In September 2012, we had a wonderful time at the Austin Teen Book Festival doing just that: dressing up and pretending. It resulted in the famous photobombing experience by our favorite author — and our new name. Now with this blog, we can carry on with our alter egos.

We are The Girls in Plaid Skirts.

– Liz (aka Rachel)

the girls in plaid skirts texas teen book festival ttbf14


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