In Which I Spoil Books (But I don’t tell you which ones)

She died.

She didn’t die.

His memory was erased.

She got her memory back.

They escaped.

She was arrested.

He didn’t kiss her.

The ex is back.

Her sister is alive.

Her dad is dead.

She didn’t kill him.

I wish he’d killed her.



GG6: Plaid Style

Hello lovely readers!!

There are some outfits for the rule breakers, the preppy gals, the cautious dressers, the non-conformists, the maxi-skirters, and the blazers-and-jeans. I’m just gonna throw all these in and let the loving begin!!

That plaid with stripes reminds me of what I wore when we met Ally Carter for the first time!

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Which ones you would totally work, or wish you could work?

(I’m totally envying that plaid shirt and black skirt…)

Gallagher Girl 4: Spy/Assassin/Thief

Gallagher Girl readathon logo hosted by


Our next game is to label each of the following characters for which role they would most likely fulfill!

1) Choose only ONE of following roles for each of the following characters: Spy, Assassin, or Thief.

Simple, huh? READY, SET, GO!

We’ll start with some classic characters:

1) Anne Shirley





2) Gilbert Blythe




3) Elizabeth Bennett


4) Mr. Darcy



Now some YA characters:

5)America Singer



6) Maxon Schreave



It’s Disney Time!

7) Rapunzel

"TANGLED" Rapunzel ©Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

©Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

8) Anna


9) Elsa




And the Challenge…remember you can only choose one label!

10) Sherlock




Gallagher Girl 3: Shelfie Profiling

Gallagher Girl readathon logo hosted by

Gallagher Girls are trained on profiling and gathering information. We see this as they go through a person’s trash to gather their information. I’ve thought how it would be fun to profile someone based of the their bookshelves. Could it be done? I figured you could help me out.

Put on your sleuthing hats and let’s go!


book shelf 4




shelf 1


book shef 2



Okay, tell us about the owners of these bookshelves! Ready. Set. GO!

Cover Collections: Classics

Raise your hands if you love pretty books. *all three Girls in Plaid Skirts raise their hands* WE DO! So we’ve been scrounging the internet for some of the most beautiful classic books you’ve ever laid your eyes on. These are totally drool-worthy!

[This post does contain affiliate links, meaning we could receive a very small commission should you buy something from one of those links.]
A Collage of Classics
Oliver Twist | Jane Eyre | The Odyssey | Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland | Great Expectations | Little Women

pretty endpapers classicsArabian Nights | The Complete Sherlock Holmes | Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

classic linesGreat Expectations | Pride and Prejudice | Jane Eyre

penguin threads classics

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz | The Wind in the Willows | Black Beauty | The Secret Garden | Emma | Little Women


My favorites:

Oliver Twist (love the pocket watches)

Sherlock Holmes (the plaid endpapers! I die!)

All of the “Classic Lines” editions (the ones that look like watercolors)

Penguin Threads’ Emma

Which cover is your favorite?

Christmas Presents for Your Nerd

Are you a nerd? Or maybe your best friend is? These gifts are perfect for your favorite nerd! (We know, because we’re nerds ourselves.)

1) Adipose Plush | What Whovian wouldn’t want their own squishy Adipose?

2) Sherlock journal | If your mind palace isn’t quite as impressive as Sherlock’s, this journal will certainly help you keep your thoughts straight!

3) Star Trek pillows | The perfect room accessory for your favorite Trekkie.
Trekkie Pillows4) Library Card Tote | Because all book lovers need a bag to carry that huge stack of library books we inevitably check out.Library Card Book Bag

5) Narnia Map | This gorgeous map of Narnia is printed on vintage dictionary pages!Narnia map6) The Little Prince t-shirt | Because some children’s stories are for children of all ages.7) Classic Books | This adorable flashdrive contains over 3,000 classic books by Authors such as Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, and many more! 8) Library Embosser | Surprise your favorite reader with a personalize embosser to use on their book collection!library embosser 9) Minion Bookends | How to make your bookshelf adorable: add minions.minion book ends10) Camera Lens Mug | For the photographer in your life, check out these awesome coffee mugs!

11) 3D Glasses Contact Lens Case | Coolest. Case. Ever. (P.S. That’s an affiliate link back to Amazon, so we would get a super small percentage of your purchase.)
3-d contact lens case12) Periodic Table Shower Curtain | Because it’s way more fun to shower in the elements.


Cover Collections: Blue

So because I love book covers and color and design, and how all that relates to the story, I had this thought… what if I collected books that had similar features on the cover then compare the stories, what would I find?

So here is my first collection.  Blue.  Now of these I’ve only read The Selection, the synopsis are gleaned from Goodreads.  The titles link to that book’s page.

Comment and let me know what you think of the collection and what you want to see next!


The Shadow Society by Marie Rutkoski – Paranormal Romance –  Darcy doesn’t remember, her childhood is blank space.  Darcy doesn’t belong, at least on this side of reality.  Darcy belongs to the other reality where the past didn’t happen and humanity is haunted by the shadows. The appearance of a strange boy that challenges everything she thought she could trust; him, herself, not even the world she’s walking in.

Drift by M.K. Hutchins  – Fantasy  –  Tenjat lives on an island atop the back a massive Turtle in Hell, an ocean filled with ravenous monsters. To avoid the shame of marriage Tenjat joins the defenders of the island, just as a battle with the sea monsters becomes immanent. What he doesn’t see coming is his chance of love and his sisters secrets. 
These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner– Sci-Fi – It was travel as usual until a space crash strands the most important daughter in the universe with the skeptical son of nothing on the nearest planet.  Against time and odd they face their situation as equals, with only each other for help and comfort.  Of course secrets unearth and … well I suppose I’ll have to read the book 🙂

TBS is the first in a science fiction series of companion novels. The Starbound Trilogy: Three worlds. Three love stories. One enemy

The Assassin’s Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke – Historical Adventure – Pirates! Floating islands! Magic! Runaway nobility!  Need I say more? During a bold act of self defense, Ananna accidentally magicly  binds herself to the man sent to assassinate her.  To break the spell she must complete three immpossible tasks.  Obviously pirate love ensues… A stolen heart is precious booty.

TAC is the first in the Assassin’s Creed series.

btw.. this is totes on my TBR!!


The Selection by Keira Kass – Romance – He is born to choose. She is forced to choose.

Love this one!!!  See our review here!!

The Selection is the first is it’s namesake series.


Shelter by Harlan Coben – Mystery Thriller, Series  –   Main Character Mickey Bolitar does not have it good.  With his mother in rehab and his father dead, and living with an estranged uncle, meeting a nice girl is out of the question. Then he does. Then she disappears.  When Mickey dives into the “seedy underworld” of secrets and conspiracy he finds answers to questions he never wanted to ask about people he thought he knew.

Stickman Odyssey: The Wrath of Zozimos by Christopher Ford – Epic Adventure, graphic novel- In the previous installment our tragic hero battled cyclops and golems, and suffered enslavement, and  now he must face the wrath of the sea, along with the mighty centaurs and giant bear god…  “It would all be an epic tragedy if it wasn’t so funny.”   #TBR

This is the second of a duo.



Note: several books from the original collection were removed for content reasons.

So, commonalities…. well love… it’s hard to find a book these day that doesn’t have it.  Alternate worlds are also featured.  I guess there is something a bit mysterious about blue. Speaking of, mystery and facing the unknown comes into play in all of these stories.  Blue is usually figured to be a calm color but all of these books seem to be quite the opposite.

Well that’s my first comparative collection!  Wadda ya think?

hmmm maybe I’ll do books with stars on the covers… or faces… or dogs…


Foreign Covers: The Maze Runner

Who went and saw The Maze Runner this weekend? We can’t wait to see it! In honor of its release, we’ve compiled some of the foreign edition covers.

The Maze Runner English cover 2

This is the one I see everywhere, so I guess it’s the American cover.
The Maze Runner English cover

I haven’t seen this one, so I wonder if perhaps its the UK version? Can anyone confirm or deny this?
The Maze Runner collector's edition cover

This is the collector’s edition and I love it! We’ll be meeting James Dashner next month at the Texas Teen Book Festival, and I’m considering ordering this gorgeous edition for him to sign. [update: Last week I found these online, but that website has disappeared. Seriously, where did it go?]

The Maze Runner Barns & Noble exclusive cover

This cover can only be found at Barnes & Noble. I’m not usually a fan of books that have covers from the movie.

The Maze Runner movie tie-in cover

The above cover is an exception to my I-hate-movie-tie-in-covers. THAT is how you do a movie tie-in cover. I love that it features the maze instead of the actors.

The Maze Runner Spanish cover

The Spanish title literally translates to “Run or Die.”

The Maze Runner French Cover

The French cover is similar to the English cover, viewing the opening of the maze from a low angle.

The Maze Runner Bulgarian cover

Yes, I know the Bulgarian cover uses the fuller photo of the French cover, but that font. (Though I prefer the cropping of the French cover.)

The Maze Runner Thai cover

I love the dark, moody feel of the Thai cover. The silhouette in front of the maze is beautiful and gives a feeling of loneliness.

The Maze Runner Vietnamese cover

I’m not entirely sure what to make of the Vietnamese cover with the steps showing through the title font, but I like that it’s very different from the rest.

The Maze Runner Polish cover

I love how the Polish version gives a different angle of the maze. Most of the covers portray the maze shown from the point of view of someone standing on the ground. I love how we get to see it from above in this one.

The Maze Runner Russian cover

This one is one of my favorites because of the details. Once you’ve read the book (or at least gotten a few chapters in), you’ll realize that the maze is closing in this photo. I love how the runners are blurred so it’s obvious they’re trying to rush back to safety. And, though it’s a bit gruesome, the blood dripping from the spike is a chilling touch, giving the (very true) impression that the maze is deadly.

The Maze Runner Korean Cover

This is another interesting cover because we see both the maze from above and from the viewpoint of someone standing outside the gate.

The Maze Runner Hungarian cover

The Hungarian cover looks like gak exploded over one of those mazes in a coloring book.

The Maze Runner Romanian cover

It’s been a while since I read The Maze Runner. Does anyone know/remember what the significance of the birds is? The maze on this one is really cool.

The Maze Runner German Cover

The German cover is the only one to feature a face. I love how the main color is blue instead of the normal green!


What’s your favorite cover for The Maze Runner?

the maze runner foreign covers


Introducing: Cover Collections!

Hello lovely readers!!

I am super excited to announce a new periodical post series: Cover Collections

Each post will feature a collection of book covers surrounding a certain theme or idea. Included in this will be JB’s delicious Foreign Covers posts (aren’t they so fabulous?!?), as well as new themes like Best/Worst, Classics Through the Years, Prettiest Spines, Vintage Covers… I could go on for days!

We’ll gather books whose covers have a common theme or feature, such as the main color is red, or they all feature a tree, or they have metallic. We will compare the stories and genres, and how they connect, and find commonalities like books with stars on the covers tend to be fantasy or books that do not have people on them are sad. That kind of thing. Also looking at how the covers affect the reader develops a preconceived idea about the story and the characters. (An example of this is The Wall by William Sutcliffe that we reviewed last week). Anyway, it should be fun!!

Feel free to let us know if you want us to make a collection about a certain theme, or one based off of a favorite book or one you dislike! We LOVE hearing from y’all!