Behind the Blog

Want to know more about the bloggers behind The Girls in Plaid Skirts? In Behind the Blog posts, we share about our lives and what we’re doing!


1/15 Rachel’s Confessions


1/22 JB’s Fairy Tale Wedding

2/5 Celebrating Cress’s Release Day

2/19 Road Trip to Montgomery County Book Festival

4/9 Our One-Year Blogiversary

4/16 Best Friend Poems and Boy Advice

6/13 Working Kids Camp 2014

6/24 A Blast From the Past (Photos of Us from High School!)

7/7 Rachel the Traveler

7/14 Rachel in the Netherlands

7/22 JB Does Camp NaNoWriMo

8/2 Julianne Goes Abroad


9/28 Austin Adventures

11/5 In Memory of Titan (aka Wolf)

11/28 We’re Thankful For…

12/31 Our Top Ten Moments of 2013


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