Criss Cross Discussions


 Criss Cross is our group discussion where we discuss literary thoughts. We also do Criss Cross vlogs on occasion, which you can find below or on our YouTube channel. These are fun to make, and we hope you enjoy watching.  We want—no—urge you to join in! We want to know what thoughts are spinning around in your brain!!

1/31/14 Cress Predictions

2/7/14 Cress Fangirl (vlog)

2/14/14 Ships (vlog)

2/21/14 Do You Read the End First?

2/28/14 How to Be a Villain

3/7/14 Children’s Books That Defined Us

3/14/14 Favorite Fictional Nerds

3/21/14 Fantasy Love

4/4/14 eBooks vs Real Books

4/15/14 Non-Fiction Books

5/2/14 Predictions for The One



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