Guest Posts

We don’t want you guys getting too bored of us, so we like to have other people come hang out on the blog every once in a while.

We love to swap blogs with our fellow blogger friends in what we call Swap From The Swamp. For those of you who don’t know, we’re from Louisiana, right smack dab in the middle of the swamp. Okay, so  technically we live in North Louisiana…which isn’t a swamp. However, we are using the stereotype to our advantage. We love alliteration and rhyme time that much.

If you’re interested in swapping blogs for the day, shoot us an email!

Swap From The Swamp

3/3/14 Top Ten Villains with Xander

4/7/14 Pop to Literary with Xander

5/5/14 Book Tower Challenge with Xander [vlog]

9/15/14 ABC Book Stack Challenge with Xander [vlog]

10/14/14 Looking Forward to the Texas Teen Book Festival with Xander

11/5/14 Mysteries with Xander

12/2/14 Books We Want for Christmas with Xander

Guest Posts

2/4/15 Review: The Little Prince by Brody

2/18/15 Review: Cinder (A Male’s Perspective) by Brody


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