Lunar Ball (Winter Release Party)

Calling all Lunartics!

As many of you have read on past posts, I (Rachel) am working at the library now and helping out with some events. Since Washington state is such a long ways away, us Louisiana TLC fans cannot make it to the Lunar Ball Marissa Meyer is throwing. Our library is throwing our own Lunar Ball. All local fans are invited! Brush up on your Lunar Trivia, don your fancy Ball Gown, and come for a fun time!



Criss Cross: Cress Fangirl (& Winner Announcement!)


Join us we fangirl over CRESS and sip sparkling apple cider! The winner of our prize pack is announced toward the end!!

(Winner has three days to email us your address or we will pick another winner.)

History of Rapunzel:


#Celebrate Cress: Cress Launch Party in Review

Yesterday, Cress entered the wild and we  celebrated!


We donned our plaid skirts


and  red hair accessories, and meet at Barnes and Noble to make our purchases.


However, we were almost late for the #SaveCRESS party, because the three of us at a book store is bad news…..we are easily distract- -Oh, what a pretty book!!!


Afterwards we rushed over to JB’s place, to catch the live stream of the Launch party. Despite being a little late, we made it and had a great time. We were able to hear Marissa tell some lovely stories,  see the awesome costumes, hear some great music while sipping our sparkling grape juice!



If you haven’t made your purchase…what are you waiting for?? Cress will not disappoint. Remember today and tomorrow are the last days of our #CelebrateCress giveaway. Check here for ways to enter the giveaway…the winner will be announced this FRIDAY!


#CelebrateCress: CRESS RELEASE DAY

You guys, it’s HERE! The day we’ve been waiting for… the release day of CRESS! Walk, don’t run, to your nearest bookseller to buy. this. book.

And while you’re buying Cress, make sure to take a photo and share it with us on twitter or instagram to be entered in our giveaway! (See rules and how to share it with us here.)

We’ve had a ton of entries for our contest. We’re loving your fan art, Cress cuisine, outfits, fanfics, fan casting. So we wanted to share some of your submissions! Here are a few of them:

1 ) Cinder Nails from @ambirheart via Instagram | They so perfectly match the cover!

2 & 3) Robin’s Cinder and Scarlet outfits | I love the details of Cinder’s ever-present ponytail and Scarlet’s little wolf. 🙂

4) Iko keychain from Veronica | Veronica turned this cute drawing of Iko into an adorable accessory!

Robin Bissett Cinder robin Bissett Scarlet Veronica iko keychain

Thank you ladies for your entries!

There’s still time to enter our #CelebrateCress contest, and there are a ton of ways to gain entries! See full details here. Giveaway is closed.

We hope you all enjoy Cress as much as we do. Come back on Friday and fangirl with us in a spoiler-free zone—we’ll also be announcing our giveaway winner!


#CelebrateCress: History of Rapunzel

Today is Day 8 of our #CelebrateCress party…don’t forget about our awesome prize pack!


So let’s discuss the history of Rapunzel-–the inspiration behind the main heroine of Cress.

Studying fairytales and their history can be quite fascinating. Like most pieces of literature, they are a mirror of the culture they came from. Watching the transformation of fairytales over time is interesting way to look at how culture and society has changed throughout the years.

Legend of Santa Barbara

According to this ancient legend from the 3rd Century, Barbara was the daughter of wealthy pagan. To protect her from the outside world, her father locked her in a tower. Secretly Barbara had converted to Christianity, and, when she refused to recant her beliefs, she was killed. She is now the patron saint of anyone in danger of sudden death.


The earliest printed version of Rapunzel can be linked back to Petrosinella. In 1634, it was published by an Italian of the name Giambattista Basile. Petrosinella is an Italian word for “little parsley”. In this tale, the young maiden with long hair is held captive by an ogress. When the couple escape from the tower, the ogress is devoured by a wolf.


This tale was based on Petrosinella. The title is still interpreted as “little parsley”. The writer, Mademoiselle de la Force, was wealthy and made changes in her 1697 adaptation. In her version, Petrosinella is raised by a fairy. She and the visiting Prince are punished by the fairy after finding out Petrosinella is pregnant (with twins).  Ultimately, they are freed by the fairy’s forgiveness.

Grimm’s Rapunzel

The Grimm brothers did not realize that there had been earlier published versions of this story. What they recorded is believed to be a retelling of Perisnette translated to German by J. C. F. Schulz. The Grimms believed Rapunzel was another oral tale like their other collected works. In this version, Rapunzel is a name for a type of plant (most likely a lettuce)…which could have been Rampion.


This tale followed Persinette very closely, except we do not know the fate of the fairy. After its popularity with children, the Grimm bothers made some adjustments to their later publications.


In this version, all sexual innuendoes were removed and ultimately the fairy was morphed into a sorceress. This tale is also more flowery than the 1812 version.

A parallel of the two texts can be found here.

Modern Morphology

In this section we will look at modern works of the tale of Rapunzel. These are important, as they reflect modern ideas and could cause younger generations to forget the original tale.

Barbie as Rapunzel

This is the first time, to my knowledge, that Rapunzel was portrayed as an “artist” (It was a magical paintbrush). It is her magical paintbrush that lets her escape, and also the first time Rapunzel escapes (to my knowledge). Her sidekick is a purple dragon and the man of her dreams is still a prince. Of course it is a Barbie film, so she sings – a lot. In this adaptation there is a bunch of magic, talking animals, and Barbie saves the Prince. Oh, and her golden hair reaches just about to her ankles, so no climbing. She is kept locked in a tower by an evil witch and punished when she meets the handsome boy.


Like the Barbie version, Rapunzel is an artist with an adorable reptilian sidekick (much smaller than the dragon). Instead of a prince, we have a very handsome, charming, cocky, and funny rouge – no prince. This Rapunzel only has ordinary paintbrushes, but that is ok since her hair is magical from the potion from a flower her sick mother drank (some similarities still). She escapes from the tower with the handsome thief to fulfill her greatest dream: to see the floating lights. This Rapunzel is actually a princess, and she saves her love with a tear, which was in the early versions.  Mother Gothel lost all her youth and turned to dust, so the basic frame work of the fairytale is there. Once again, Rapunzel saved the man. (Here is an interesting post comparing Tangled to the original tale.)

What is your favorite retelling of Rapunzel? What parts of the Rapunzel tale are you expecting to find in Cress?


Other Tales Similar to Rapunzel:

Modern Rapunzel tales:


#CelebrateCress: #LooksfromBooks

Dressed for inter-planetary escapades, The Girls in Plaid Skirts don outfit inspired by the black of night & the silver of the twinkling stars, and a little nebula magic!

cress lunar galaxy outfits dress

We always love a good bookish reason to dress up, especially if it calls for stars and sparkles!

IMG_8946 - Version 2

Of course we couldn’t just pose for pictures in mysterious manner, we had to do a few character shots. Rae, of course, is Cress, getting excited about grass and trees and Earth.


IMG_8997 - Version 3
Then a plane fly\ies over and she breaks character to give a Revolutionary salute (go Team Katniss!)


See those tights… star tights, making their debut appearance…

What more could a Lunartic ask for?

Eexcept a pair that fits hehe.  getting these to “fit” was an adventure!)

IMG_9039 - Version 2

JB is our very own Scarlet, fierce little redhead (;  but in sparkly heels instead of boots!


Isn’t she just fabulous?!?!


We want to see your TLC-inspired outfits! You can go all-out costume, a great shirt that reminds you of Cinder, or anything in between.

To participate in our contest, comment, tweet, or tag us on the Instagram… Keep those entries coming and some lucky reader is going to win a fantastic prize pack!

(See details on how to share your entry with us here.) Giveaway is closed. But we would still love to see you TLC-inspired outfits!

And get excited about Cress!!

(I mean I know ya’ll already are, but still… *book shimmy*)

#CelebrateCress: Cress Cuisine

And the countdown continues… only THREE more days until Cress!

Today we’ve got some delicious Cress and Lunar Chronicles-inspired food for you! Take care of your sweet tooth with these sweet treats!

First up, we’ve got Crescent Cookies made by Rachel. Her family enjoys these during holidays.


Next up we have Little Lunas (more commonly known as macarons). A macaron consists of 2 meringue-based cookies with some kind of filling in between. This was my first attempt to make them, and, if you know anything about macaron-making, it’s very time-consuming and difficult to  get a perfect cookie. They are supposed to grow “feet” and be perfectly flat. While mine are not, they were still rather delicious! I used a recipe similar to this one (using the Italian method) and filled them with this delicious frosting.

little lunas

DSC_0125 - Version 2

And last, but certainly not least, we have…. The Marissa. As in Marissa Meyer. 

Remember that time we interviewed her? We asked her this question: “If you were a cupcake, what kind would you be?”

Her answer: “I would be chocolate with peanut butter filling.”

I took a few liberties and came up with this: a Reese’s-filled chocolate cupcake with a whipped peanut butter and milk chocolate swirled icing. If she were a cupcake, she’d be delicious. And we would know, because we ate her.

(Also, how cute are these space/rocket cupcake liners?)

DSC_0036 - Version 2


What kinds of Lunar Chronicles-inspired food can you think of? What food do you think the characters would eat? What do they eat on Luna? You can earn three entries in our giveaway by creating your own TLC-inspired food or Pinterest board! (See details on how to share your entry with us here.) Giveaway is closed.

We can’t wait to see what you dream up!

Criss Cross: Cress Predictions

CrissCrossHalfFullRachel: Good Morning fellow readers! Today is day 5 of #CelebrateCress and we are so glad you came to join our VERY FIRST CRISS CROSS discussion. Since it’s #CelebrateCress, we want to talk about predictions for Cress! Just FYI, there are spoilers for both Cinder and Scarlet in this post, so if you haven’t read those books, STOP HERE. And also, GO READ THEM.

First let’s re-cap Cinder (read our review here). At the end of Cinder we were left with:

-The cyborg draft was meant as a way to find Cinder.
-Iko was dismembered by the evil stepmother, and Cinder rescued her personality chip.
-Nainsi contained a Lunar D-Comm chip that Queen Levana has been using to spy on the Emperor.
-A girl with long blond hair was on the other end of the D-Comm chip.
-Cinder is actually Princess Selene (and is therefore both Lunar and Cyborg).
-Kai makes an agreement with Levana to return Cinder to her (so Levana could take her “prisoner”—i.e. kill her) in exchange for Levana agreeing to not wage war on Earth.
-Dr. Erland gives Cinder a new hand and foot, and gives her instructions to escape and meet him in Africa.

Julianne: Scarlet (review here) recap:

In Scarlet we meet the goodhearted but tough, headstrong, and slightly abrasive Scarlet.  She is quickly swept up in a tumultuous and thrilling series of adventures, and joins forces with our old faces from Cinder, along with new ones.  At the end we have been nudged out to the edge of the story and left hanging at the edge of the cliff…. ahhh

– Kai is still in danger of becoming subject to Levana by marriage (poor thing, probably getting grey hairs worrying about it…)
– The entire Lunar army hot on the tails of the ragtag rebels.

Rachel: Haha, Ok Juju! I’ll help you out! At the end of Scarlet we were left with what Julianne listed above and:

-Wolf is actually part of the Queen’s secret service, the LSOP, a team of genetically modified humans with wolf-like qualities.
-Levana DESPERATELY wants Cinder.
-Scarlet’s Grandma had a love child with a Lunar while in the military.
-Grandma actually housed and protected Cinder until she was 11 yrs old and Mr. Linh picked her up.
-Grandma has the same blocking chip that Cinder had, and the LSOP tortures her to death trying to find out how she’s immune to glamour and where the Princess Selene is. (Tough lady gave them nothing.)
-The attacks of the LSOP force Kai into a marriage agreement.
-Iko becomes the Rampion causing some great interactions between her and Thorne. 🙂
-Cinder and Thorne rescue Scarlet and Wolf right in time!
-Cinder has better glamour skills at the end of the book than the beginning—she actually was able to control a LSOP.
-Scarlet and Wolf get all mushy (according to Iko).

Julianne:  haha thanks Rae…  it melded so perfectly with Cress I had a difficult time recalling where Scarlet ended!  And we actually learn what LSPO means–Lunar Special Operative!

JB: According to the blurb for Cress, we know the following about Cress:

-Cress is a hacker.
-Levana orders Cress to track down Cinder and the handsome Captain Thorne.
-Cress escapes her satellite.
-The team gets separated.
-Queen Levana won’t let anything get between her marriage with Kai, which suggests that something/someone is trying to stop it.
-The earth’s fate rests in the hands of a bunch of misfits.

Questions we want/need answered:

How does Cress escape?
-Why/how is the group separated?
-Will Kai be able to get out of marrying Levana? (And will he end up with Cinder?)

Speculations from around the interwebs:

-Cress is actually Crescent Moon, the (supposedly dead) shell daughter of Dr. Erland.
-Cress and Thorne get together.
-Cinder and Thorne get together.
-It will take place in the Sahara desert.
-Lunars drink the blood of shells to become immune to the glamour of other Lunars.
-Levana has been using Cress’s blood to spread Letumosis among earthens in order to weaken Earth’s ability to fight back.
-Earthens create a weapon to destroy Luna.

Rachel: Marissa has included the iconic scenes of the classic fairytales in her retellings. A lost foot, a wolf disguised as grandma, etc.

What iconic scenes of the Rapunzel story do you think she will include? If you are not familiar with the classic tale, check back Tuesday for a post on the history of Rapunzel!

Aside from that, what do you think will happen in Cress? How will the tension play out between the characters and Lunar vs. Earth? Will there be kissing?

Julianne: Who are we kidding… of course there will be kissing…

Rachel: We hope!! Let us know your predictions in the comments below!


#CelebrateCress Day 3: Lunar Chronicles Dream Cast

We love the Lunar Chronicles so much and believe it could be a wonderful movie. Even those who haven’t read The Lunar Chronicles would love it (but, of course, we would tell them to read it anyways). In our dream world, the movie would be just like the book and would star these awesome people.


Cinder is a cyborg mechanic living with her evil stepmother and stepsisters. We think this actress would be perfect—she could easily portray Cinder’s spunk and determination.



On Marissa Meyer’s Pinterest board is this picture that portrays Kai wonderfully. He is even in costume!


Sadly we do not know who he is… so we picked this guy! We think he would be great!



Scarlet is a passionate, caring girl with a fiery personality. Choosing someone to portray her is hard. While I imagine Karen Gillan in her role of Amy Pond, she is too old. The Girls in Plaid chose these three young actress and couldn’t really decide who was best. Let us know what you think by leaving your thoughts in the comments below!





Marissa Meyer has said she imagined Wolf looking like Tarkan, a singer.


I like watching Australian shows sometimes and thought this actor could pull off the role wonderfully. (H2O & Legend of the Seeker anyone?)


Craig and Tarkan resemble each other and besides, Craig is just adorable!



So, when I read Thorne…he sounds like Zachary Levi (Flynn Rider, Chuck, Louisiana native). While I would love for him to play Thorne in a TLC adaptation…he’s too old.


Ok, so this maybe the Zachary Levi I imagine..


However, The Girls In Plaid agreed he was too old, so we picked this guy. We agreed he was adorable enough to earn the role of Thorne.



Cress is a dramatic, cute, naive, short young lady who has been locked up in a satellite. The actress we chose is so perfect that she must be Cress if TLC makes the big screen!



Jacin is describe in Cinder as “a young man as handsome as Sybil was beautiful, with blond hair pulled into a low ponytail and sharp features that Kai had yet to see an expression on.”

We went between two actors, one being Chris Hemsworth and the other one being…


Alex Pettyfer. He will do nicely.

Lunar Thaumaturge

These lackeys to the evil Queen Levana must be beautiful…and sly with a dash of crazy. We believe these Hollywood stars will fit the bill!



“She was indeed beautiful, as if someone had taken the scientific measurements of perfection and used them to mold a single idle specimen. Her face was slightly heart-shaped, with high cheekbones barely flushed. Auburn hair fell in silken ringlets to her waist and her unblemished ivory skin shimmered like mother-of-pearl in the sunshine. Her lips were red red red, looking like she’d just drunk a pint of blood.”

The Girls in Plaid easily agreed who should be Levana.


WHO Shall he be?

The following actors are ones we want included in a TLC adaptation, but we are not sure who they
should be. Thorne? Ran? Thaumaturge? Lunar guard? LSOP? Help us out guys!!


Do you agree or disagree with our choices? Let’s know by leaving your thoughts in the comments! We love hearing from our readers!!

Also remember that leaving a link to your TLC dreamcast (via blog, pinterest board, etc.) in the comments counts as 3 entries in our TLC giveaway! Giveaway is closed.

– Liz (aka Rachel)