Lunar Ball (Winter Release Party)

Calling all Lunartics!

As many of you have read on past posts, I (Rachel) am working at the library now and helping out with some events. Since Washington state is such a long ways away, us Louisiana TLC fans cannot make it to the Lunar Ball Marissa Meyer is throwing. Our library is throwing our own Lunar Ball. All local fans are invited! Brush up on your Lunar Trivia, don your fancy Ball Gown, and come for a fun time!



Interview: Marissa Meyer (Our Second One!)

Having questions that haven’t been asked a million times is important to a quality interview.  If you don’t want it to be a waste of both your time and theirs (and your readers), do your research.  If you found it in someone else’s interview, there is no need to ask it (unless you want to expand on the question/issue, in which case, do more research).  That being said, it was a challenge to come up with new questions for Marissa that we hadn’t asked her before, but I think we did pretty good.

Last time we interviewed Mrs. Meyer, we asked “If you were a cupcake, what kind would you be?”  And perhaps you saw my creation of The Marissa Cupcake during our Lunar Chronicles celebration.  Per request of Marissa, a parcel of such cupcakes accompanied our interview. Also accompanying us was Caroline, who has only just started Scarlet, and thus we couldn’t give away any Cress spoilers during the interview. You might also see some answers from Jesse, Marissa’s husband, who willingly played along when we asked him questions.

Also, how adorable is Marissa? We absolutely LOVE her dress. “I’m wearing almost plaid!” she told us.

Plaid Girls and Marissa Meyer

JB: Are there male escort droids?

Marissa Meyer: Yes.

JB: We wanted to verify that. For reasons. [That would be Cress spoilers.]

MM: Yes, there are, actually. Iko runs into one when she’s in the warehouse and there’s a moment that he kind of reminds her of Prince Kai, so she tries to flirt with him and he’s totally just… a robot.

JB: Ahh, yes! That’s in Cress. Now that you mention it, I remember that.

Rachel: We can’t spoil, but yeah.

MM: Yeah, this is going to be a really hard interview.

Rachel: Tarkan, the guy you based Wolf off of, do you actually listen to him?

MM: I’ve actually only heard one song. Somebody sent me a song of his maybe six months ago because in the song he does a weird little howl thing, and I was like, this is so weird. But I had never actually heard him before that. I’d just seen his picture, and that’s him. That’s what Wolf looks like.

Julianne: What is World War IV about?

MM: Over resources and land territories. I haven’t thought it out so I don’t know the specifics, but the general idea is that there were some countries that were very very resource rich, and by that point, so far in the future, other countries had depleted their resources and this war broke out because they thought they weren’t sharing the world equally, which then led to the conglomeration.

Rachel: What’s your method of naming? Your names are so detailed. Do you say, I want it to mean this; here’s all the words that mean this?

MM: Sort of. If it’s a fairy tale character, then I can be like, you know, Cinder… Cinderella, and those are easy. Like with Carswell Thorne, I would go to my favorite resource——so I’ll go and I’ll search for all names that have this meaning. So I’d search for things like “thief” or “criminal” and of course nobody names their kids that. And so in a random, “Why don’t I just do a search for Cress?” then Carswell popped up and it literally translates to “grows at the watercress pond.” And I was like that’s so romantic! Because he grows when he’s with her! It just fit. So I use babynamesworld a lot if I’m struggling, and I keep searching for different meanings until I find something that works.

JB: Have you ever met a famous person?

MM: Does Veronica Roth count? I’ve met her and done panels with her. I’m trying to think if I’ve ever met any celebrities. Oh, you know what? When we were at Comic Con last year we were staying at the same hotel as all the Game of Thrones people, so in the lobby we saw Jon Snow  and we saw Tyrion. Oh! And then totally randomly, but two of the guys from How I Met Your Mother were there, but not the one that I love. I forget his name. What is his name? The dancer guy. Anyway. And then Jesse, my husband, has such an enormous crush on Ygritte from Game of Thrones, and we saw her when we were down in the bar getting a drink after Comic Con, and so he got to go take a picture with her, and it was like the wallpaper on his phone. It might still be the wallpaper on his phone. But it was really cute. In the picture he has such a boyish grin.

Julianne: Do you have a muse? Like something you go back to when you’re at a wall? When you have writers’ block, what do you do?

MM: I have a Lunar Chronicles playlist that I will listen to on repeat. But I don’t have an object or anything like that. Well, I have my Harry Potter wand that lives on my desk. I don’t know how inspirational it is. It’s just cool to have it there. But usually when I’m stuck, I have different writing techniques that I use when I’m really stuck. My favorite one is to give myself really really tiny goals, so that if I’m really stuck, I’m like, “I know I can write a sentence.” So then I write a sentence, and if that’s all I accomplish that day, then at least it’s something. But usually getting started is the hardest part, and then that sentence turns into a second sentence and it just starts to snowball. But really really small, stupid goals that I know I’m capable of doing tend to work for me.

Rachel: Do you have a favorite constellation?

MM: I do not have a favorite constellation. The only one I can recognize is the Big Dipper.

JB: We were wondering if the capital of Luna, Artemisia, was named after a constellation.

Rachel: It sounds constellation-y

MM: It does sound constellation-y. I don’t think it is. Artemisia is named after Artemis. But there might be an Artemis constellation. I don’t know. But Artemis was one of the Greek gods of the moon.

Julianne: What’s your ringtone?

MM: The Harry Potter theme song.

Julianne: Do you have any hidden talents? That you feel like sharing, anyway.

MM: (to her husband, Jesse) Do I have any hidden talents?

Jesse: You can stand on your head and chug beer. That’s pretty cool.

MM: No.

Jesse: That’s not you?

MM: No, that was your other girlfriend. But, um… not really.

Julianne: You’re just cool all over?

MM: I just I write. Writing has always been the talent that I focused on. I went through periods where like, I made a quilt. But I don’t still make quilts. And I tried crocheting, but never got the hang of it.

Rachel: I try lots of things and then give up.

MM: Yeah, me too.

Rachel: You’ve talked a lot about mythology. Norse. Would you consider that? Because Greek and Roman is done a lot.

JB: Basically we want you to write mythology.

MM: Let me take some notes! I don’t know much about Norse mythology. I know a little about the Valkyrie. But I don’t know a lot about it. But I definitely would. I would do anything it if came to me.

Julianne: Well, a question for the husband: what’s it like being married to a famous person?

Jesse: You’ll have to ask Marissa that. (All the girls giggle.) You know, it’s pretty neat. On this book tour, it’s kind of changed a little bit. There’s a lot more excitement from her fans. They’re shaking and they’re so happy and excited. It’s a lot of fun. So it’s cool. And I’m able to go with her on book tour and I don’t have to be at home doing hard construction labor stuff, so I enjoy it. I love it.

MM: He’s really nice to have around, too.

All of us: AWWWWWW!!!

MM: (laughing) Mushy! Gross!

Julianne: I have to ask one more. What is one of your favorites or really memorable fan moments?

MM: There’s been a lot. But I think my favorite was at the Texas Librarian Association last year. They did this author speed dating type thing, so all the librarians were at these tables of ten, and then the authors would spend ten minutes at each table and then move around to the next table. So the second table that I go to there are nine librarians and then one of them had brought her eleven year old daughter. So I sit down next to this girl, and she looks at me, and looks at my name tag, and looks at me again, and then just falls over and starts hugging me. And it was so cute! At first I’m like, what’s going on? Why are you hugging me? And then when she pulled away she was in tears. She was so excited. It was really really adorable. And at that point Scarlet had just come out. Or may be there were Cress ARCs? I don’t remember. So after the thing was over I took her over to my publisher’s booth and they had one copy of the book left, so I was able to get her a copy of the book. That was a good moment.

A huge thank you to Marissa (and Jesse, too!) for allowing us to interview! (Even though she possibly only said yes because we bribed her with cupcakes.) If you haven’t read our first interview with her, you can check it out here.

Road Trip: Montgomery County Book Festival

Roadtrip with The Girls in Plaid Skirts is synonymous with one word…


Rae and JB, along with a lovely accomplice, Caroline, rose bright and early, packed up the car (luggage, books, comms & portscreens, plaid skirts, cupcakes, blankets, pillows, snacks, the “Justin Case”, atlas, all check), the only thing missing was me. Like the trooper that I am, I had overslept. (It had been a very crazy week and my sleep schedule had gone haywire.) But soon we were on our way. We didn’t get very far before I realized that, in my haste, I had left my purse in my car. Meaning I had no money and no driver’s license. Cue facepalm. But being that I was among the dearest of friends, I was assured I would not go hungry. (Thanks girls, you’re the best! and I owe yall. Like for real lol…) So we journeyed on.

We continued to journey until, in the middle of reading aloud the special Thorne story in the back of Cress*, when Rachel realized that she forgot to mention that turn we were supposed to make about an hour back… So out came atlas and the phones, because our predicament was two-fold: first was “Where are we?” the next “How do we get there from here?”  Thank heavens for technology!  Soon we were once again on our way.  After a little time, a lot of laughter, lunch, and only one potty break  (I know right??) we arrived safely at the

book festival

Book Festival! And with just enough time to do a little book shopping before Marissa Meyer’s panel!  Naturally we were excited to see her again, but especially excited because after the panel we had an interview!!! On the same panel were notable authors, P.J. Hoover of Solsitce, and Lindsey Cummings of The Murder Complex.   

After the panel we were given a table in the Authors Only room for our interview, where we waited, with cupcakes and questions at the ready.  (I would like to take a moment to note that coming up with questions that aren’t old hat is hard sometimes… more on that and the cupcakes later.) At last she appeared!! And looking quite smashing, no?


We had our slightly giddy cordialities before getting to the actual ‘interview’ part 🙂 Joining her on Cress Tour was her husband, who seems just wonderful. He enjoyed the cupcakes very much.  Because the lovely Mrs. Meyer was the keynote speaker, we wrapped up our interview so she would have some prep time.  She had delightfully fitting topic for her keynote: The Art of the Story, during which she graced us with the telling of three classic version fairy tales!  Notes on the Keynote are soon to follow!  

Marissa’s reaction to the cupcakes came a little later, via twitter:

Holy Peanut Butter Batman!


Although we had but a short time, it was a good time.  And it was followed by really really good food!  Local Mexican place, El Bosque… omgoodnessyall.  Everything was amazing and not expensive, my favorite combination!

Back at the hotel, we challenged ourselves with a little late night riddling via thisisnottom.  (the perplexing process to access a shrouded novella, compliments of John Green).  We made it to level 6.

The next day, after the oh so important breakfast, we headed off to the Johnson Space Center, aka



There we poked around the cockpit of a shuttle (our Cress was rather excited)…


…played inside a booster funnel (miss Scarlet was having a little too much fun)… 20140218-130609.jpg

…touched space (via the transitive property of existance)…20140218-130747.jpg

… got a look through the most awesome moonroof ever…20140218-130757.jpg

…and took a saunter down the spaceship catwalk!catwalk


In short (or long lol)  a grand time was had by all and when the night came, we slept, each in our own beds, with visions of Lunar adventures dancing in our heads.

till next time…


* The Bonus story can be found in the Target editions

Criss Cross: Cress Fangirl (& Winner Announcement!)


Join us we fangirl over CRESS and sip sparkling apple cider! The winner of our prize pack is announced toward the end!!

(Winner has three days to email us your address or we will pick another winner.)

History of Rapunzel:


#Celebrate Cress: Cress Launch Party in Review

Yesterday, Cress entered the wild and we  celebrated!


We donned our plaid skirts


and  red hair accessories, and meet at Barnes and Noble to make our purchases.


However, we were almost late for the #SaveCRESS party, because the three of us at a book store is bad news…..we are easily distract- -Oh, what a pretty book!!!


Afterwards we rushed over to JB’s place, to catch the live stream of the Launch party. Despite being a little late, we made it and had a great time. We were able to hear Marissa tell some lovely stories,  see the awesome costumes, hear some great music while sipping our sparkling grape juice!



If you haven’t made your purchase…what are you waiting for?? Cress will not disappoint. Remember today and tomorrow are the last days of our #CelebrateCress giveaway. Check here for ways to enter the giveaway…the winner will be announced this FRIDAY!


#CelebrateCress: CRESS RELEASE DAY

You guys, it’s HERE! The day we’ve been waiting for… the release day of CRESS! Walk, don’t run, to your nearest bookseller to buy. this. book.

And while you’re buying Cress, make sure to take a photo and share it with us on twitter or instagram to be entered in our giveaway! (See rules and how to share it with us here.)

We’ve had a ton of entries for our contest. We’re loving your fan art, Cress cuisine, outfits, fanfics, fan casting. So we wanted to share some of your submissions! Here are a few of them:

1 ) Cinder Nails from @ambirheart via Instagram | They so perfectly match the cover!

2 & 3) Robin’s Cinder and Scarlet outfits | I love the details of Cinder’s ever-present ponytail and Scarlet’s little wolf. 🙂

4) Iko keychain from Veronica | Veronica turned this cute drawing of Iko into an adorable accessory!

Robin Bissett Cinder robin Bissett Scarlet Veronica iko keychain

Thank you ladies for your entries!

There’s still time to enter our #CelebrateCress contest, and there are a ton of ways to gain entries! See full details here. Giveaway is closed.

We hope you all enjoy Cress as much as we do. Come back on Friday and fangirl with us in a spoiler-free zone—we’ll also be announcing our giveaway winner!


#CelebrateCress: History of Rapunzel

Today is Day 8 of our #CelebrateCress party…don’t forget about our awesome prize pack!


So let’s discuss the history of Rapunzel-–the inspiration behind the main heroine of Cress.

Studying fairytales and their history can be quite fascinating. Like most pieces of literature, they are a mirror of the culture they came from. Watching the transformation of fairytales over time is interesting way to look at how culture and society has changed throughout the years.

Legend of Santa Barbara

According to this ancient legend from the 3rd Century, Barbara was the daughter of wealthy pagan. To protect her from the outside world, her father locked her in a tower. Secretly Barbara had converted to Christianity, and, when she refused to recant her beliefs, she was killed. She is now the patron saint of anyone in danger of sudden death.


The earliest printed version of Rapunzel can be linked back to Petrosinella. In 1634, it was published by an Italian of the name Giambattista Basile. Petrosinella is an Italian word for “little parsley”. In this tale, the young maiden with long hair is held captive by an ogress. When the couple escape from the tower, the ogress is devoured by a wolf.


This tale was based on Petrosinella. The title is still interpreted as “little parsley”. The writer, Mademoiselle de la Force, was wealthy and made changes in her 1697 adaptation. In her version, Petrosinella is raised by a fairy. She and the visiting Prince are punished by the fairy after finding out Petrosinella is pregnant (with twins).  Ultimately, they are freed by the fairy’s forgiveness.

Grimm’s Rapunzel

The Grimm brothers did not realize that there had been earlier published versions of this story. What they recorded is believed to be a retelling of Perisnette translated to German by J. C. F. Schulz. The Grimms believed Rapunzel was another oral tale like their other collected works. In this version, Rapunzel is a name for a type of plant (most likely a lettuce)…which could have been Rampion.


This tale followed Persinette very closely, except we do not know the fate of the fairy. After its popularity with children, the Grimm bothers made some adjustments to their later publications.


In this version, all sexual innuendoes were removed and ultimately the fairy was morphed into a sorceress. This tale is also more flowery than the 1812 version.

A parallel of the two texts can be found here.

Modern Morphology

In this section we will look at modern works of the tale of Rapunzel. These are important, as they reflect modern ideas and could cause younger generations to forget the original tale.

Barbie as Rapunzel

This is the first time, to my knowledge, that Rapunzel was portrayed as an “artist” (It was a magical paintbrush). It is her magical paintbrush that lets her escape, and also the first time Rapunzel escapes (to my knowledge). Her sidekick is a purple dragon and the man of her dreams is still a prince. Of course it is a Barbie film, so she sings – a lot. In this adaptation there is a bunch of magic, talking animals, and Barbie saves the Prince. Oh, and her golden hair reaches just about to her ankles, so no climbing. She is kept locked in a tower by an evil witch and punished when she meets the handsome boy.


Like the Barbie version, Rapunzel is an artist with an adorable reptilian sidekick (much smaller than the dragon). Instead of a prince, we have a very handsome, charming, cocky, and funny rouge – no prince. This Rapunzel only has ordinary paintbrushes, but that is ok since her hair is magical from the potion from a flower her sick mother drank (some similarities still). She escapes from the tower with the handsome thief to fulfill her greatest dream: to see the floating lights. This Rapunzel is actually a princess, and she saves her love with a tear, which was in the early versions.  Mother Gothel lost all her youth and turned to dust, so the basic frame work of the fairytale is there. Once again, Rapunzel saved the man. (Here is an interesting post comparing Tangled to the original tale.)

What is your favorite retelling of Rapunzel? What parts of the Rapunzel tale are you expecting to find in Cress?


Other Tales Similar to Rapunzel:

Modern Rapunzel tales:


#CelebrateCress: #LooksfromBooks

Dressed for inter-planetary escapades, The Girls in Plaid Skirts don outfit inspired by the black of night & the silver of the twinkling stars, and a little nebula magic!

cress lunar galaxy outfits dress

We always love a good bookish reason to dress up, especially if it calls for stars and sparkles!

IMG_8946 - Version 2

Of course we couldn’t just pose for pictures in mysterious manner, we had to do a few character shots. Rae, of course, is Cress, getting excited about grass and trees and Earth.


IMG_8997 - Version 3
Then a plane fly\ies over and she breaks character to give a Revolutionary salute (go Team Katniss!)


See those tights… star tights, making their debut appearance…

What more could a Lunartic ask for?

Eexcept a pair that fits hehe.  getting these to “fit” was an adventure!)

IMG_9039 - Version 2

JB is our very own Scarlet, fierce little redhead (;  but in sparkly heels instead of boots!


Isn’t she just fabulous?!?!


We want to see your TLC-inspired outfits! You can go all-out costume, a great shirt that reminds you of Cinder, or anything in between.

To participate in our contest, comment, tweet, or tag us on the Instagram… Keep those entries coming and some lucky reader is going to win a fantastic prize pack!

(See details on how to share your entry with us here.) Giveaway is closed. But we would still love to see you TLC-inspired outfits!

And get excited about Cress!!

(I mean I know ya’ll already are, but still… *book shimmy*)

#CelebrateCress: Cress Cuisine

And the countdown continues… only THREE more days until Cress!

Today we’ve got some delicious Cress and Lunar Chronicles-inspired food for you! Take care of your sweet tooth with these sweet treats!

First up, we’ve got Crescent Cookies made by Rachel. Her family enjoys these during holidays.


Next up we have Little Lunas (more commonly known as macarons). A macaron consists of 2 meringue-based cookies with some kind of filling in between. This was my first attempt to make them, and, if you know anything about macaron-making, it’s very time-consuming and difficult to  get a perfect cookie. They are supposed to grow “feet” and be perfectly flat. While mine are not, they were still rather delicious! I used a recipe similar to this one (using the Italian method) and filled them with this delicious frosting.

little lunas

DSC_0125 - Version 2

And last, but certainly not least, we have…. The Marissa. As in Marissa Meyer. 

Remember that time we interviewed her? We asked her this question: “If you were a cupcake, what kind would you be?”

Her answer: “I would be chocolate with peanut butter filling.”

I took a few liberties and came up with this: a Reese’s-filled chocolate cupcake with a whipped peanut butter and milk chocolate swirled icing. If she were a cupcake, she’d be delicious. And we would know, because we ate her.

(Also, how cute are these space/rocket cupcake liners?)

DSC_0036 - Version 2


What kinds of Lunar Chronicles-inspired food can you think of? What food do you think the characters would eat? What do they eat on Luna? You can earn three entries in our giveaway by creating your own TLC-inspired food or Pinterest board! (See details on how to share your entry with us here.) Giveaway is closed.

We can’t wait to see what you dream up!