Review: Jackaby

20312462Author: William Ritter

Age: 12 and up

Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Released: 2014

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Jackaby does have a sequel I can’t wait to read called Beastly Bones.

It was the last phrase of the summary that grabbed my attention.

Doctor Who meets Sherlock in a debut novel, the first in a series, brimming with cheeky humor and a dose of the macabre.

Doctor Who meets Sherlock??? Yes please!! I loved seeing how the author combined these two ideas in old world America. It pulled from old tales such as screaming banshees and fairies too.


Some of the British fans may be disappointed when they just read “old world America”, which is where our story takes place. Hold on British fans, the “companion” is a spunky British girl…Abigail Rook is very Clara Oswald-ish!

One of my favorite secondary characters in this novel, is the resident ghost of Jackaby’s eccentric home. She added a lot of wit and charm to the novel.


The story line itself has a somewhat predictable villain, but overall very enjoyable. I loved seeing how Sherlock and Dr. Who quirks were combined to make a delightful read. I feel like adding the fantasy creatures made it different enough from the two TV shows to keep it interesting.

There is some slight romance between Abigail Rook and an understanding detective from the police force. I hope to see this play out in the sequel!

Content Advisory:

Language: 2 Not a lot in this book that I remember.

Sexual: 1 I don’t remember if there was a kiss, but there was a crush going on!

Violence: 3 Good guys fight bad guys!

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Content Advisory: Mosquitoland


Author: David Arnold

Age: YA (older YA…)

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Synopsis can be read at Goodreads and Amazon.

I was drawn to the ARC of this book at the Texas Teen Bookfestival and excitedly took it home. However, I did have my concerns…I know how YA contemporary fiction can end up. I loved the colors of the cover. The graphics of the cover. The synopsis on the back intrigued me. A roadtrip? Ohio? (My boyfriend lives in Ohio!) Strange people?

As I read the first few chapters of the book, I realized instead of writing a review of this book…I would be writing a content advisory based off what I had read.

Here is a content advisory based off the first 2-3 Chapters:

Language: 4 – two F bombs + other language

Sexual: 0 – I did only read the first few chapters

Violnce/Gore: 0

So, basically, I decided to not finish due to language.

Science Ch. 4 Week 2 copy

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